Thursday's 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Valentin Is Closing In On The Quartermaine Fortune

After a bit of a lull, General Hospital spoilers tease that Valentin Cassadine is about to forge forward on his quest to take control of ELQ. He has been quietly working on buying up shares of the Quartermaine family business and the May 14 episode will reveal some scoop regarding his progress.

In the sneak peek that aired at the end of Wednesday's show, Valentin was shown meeting with lawyer Martin Gray. It appears that the two will meet at the Metro Court and Valentin will seem quite confident about where things stand with this project of his.

Valentin will tell Martin that he is closer than the Quartermaines realize, so it sounds as if he will soon be able to make his play for ELQ. He already has Brook Lynn's shares as well as the shares Nelle acquired via her brief marriage to Shiloh. However, he needed more shares to be able to strip the other shareholders of their control.

Martin recently returned to Port Charles after being sent off by Valentin to work on getting more ELQ shares. General Hospital spoilers have not yet revealed how the two men might manage to get more shares, but it looks like answers may come during this upcoming discussion.

SheKnows Soaps noted that Valentin will have an announcement to make next week. Given this chat with Martin that Valentin is slated to have, it seems pretty safe to say that the announcement that is on the horizon will be related to ELQ and shocking the Quartermaine family.

Thursday's preview also showed Jax and Laura having a chat with one another. General Hospital spoilers note that something will prompt Laura to express her confidence that Valentin will find a way to make money.

This quip may come as the two discuss the recent revelation that Valentin is not a true Cassadine, thereby losing his claim to that fortune. Valentin still has access to plenty of money though, given his ability to buy Brook Lynn and Nelle's ELQ stocks. In addition, if he is successful at taking over ELQ, he stands to increase his wealth substantially.

For the past few months, Valentin has been proceeding with this plan at his own pace, taking things relatively slowly. However, he may have to move forward into this next phase more quickly than he'd have liked. Apparently, Brook Lynn will pose a threat to his plan in some way and that will prompt a slight change in his timeline.

So far, the Quartermaines have remained clueless about this scheme. They don't know that Valentin is the one behind buying both Brook Lynn and Nelle's shares, but it sounds like they might find out soon. General Hospital spoilers suggest that this situation is going to get pretty juicy and viewers will learn more with Thursday's episode.