Emily Ratajkowski Goes Braless In A Tight White Tank Top

Emily Ratajkowski followed up her recent family selfie on Instagram with a new snapshot of herself going braless in a white top. In the new update from today, she sat outdoors while flashing a coy look.

The model's outfit included the aforementioned top, which had a high scoop neckline and a tight fit. She paired the shirt with light denim shorts or jeans. Her dark brown belt peeked through as she was photographed while grazing her lower back with her left hand. Moreover, thanks to the short cut of her tank top, a glimpse of her midriff and lower back were visible.

Emily sat on a wooden bench seating area with plush chair cushions. She leaned her right forearm on a circular table in front of her and tilted her head slightly to the side and smiled with her lips closed.

Emily wore her hair down in a casual middle part, with her locks brushed in front of both of her shoulders. Her makeup application was difficult to discern because of the circular-framed glasses she wore, but it looked like she rocked light pink lipstick.

Her other visible accessory was her sparkling gem ring on her right pointer finger. It had a dark red stone in the middle that was surrounded by what looked like diamonds. Considering that she didn't wear any other pieces of jewelry, the ring stood out in the picture.

Behind Emily were a few green trees and brush, and further beyond that was an industrial-looking area.

The photo was taken on a cloudy day, and the diffused light left the model's skin looking flawless and her hair glowing.

In the first 50 minutes since the post went live, it's garnered over 370,200 likes. In addition, she's received over 370,000 comments from her adoring fans.

"Always lookin' perfect," declared a follower.

"That ring," raved a second supporter.

"Absolutely Gorgerous as always @emrata," raved another social media user.

"Do you've a tik tok account," wondered a curious fourth admirer.

Emily took to social media to share another popular update five days ago that received over 1.4 million likes. She rocked a dark blue, lacy teddy with a see-through design and a plunging neckline. The model wore her hair down and brushed behind her ears and gave her signature pout as she accessorized with a pair of oversized, geometric earrings. She posed in a white room with gray floors that had a small pink stool showing in the backdrop.