Daisy Keech Can’t Keep Her Clothes On While Posing With A Turtle

Daisy Keech poses for an Instagram in May 2020.
Daisy Keech / Instagram

Instagram marvel Daisy Keech can’t help but bring the sizzle each day on social media. This continued to be the case on May 13 when the 20-year-old influencer posted a new photo slideshow on Instagram, which included a picture of her posing next to a rather unusual animal.

Although Keech is perhaps best known for her “certified real booty” — as stated in her bio and certified by a medical professional — she managed to make things steamy for her more than 4 million followers on the platform without the aid of her legendary derriere in the latest spread.

With a silky blanket spread out over the dirty ground, Keech posed amidst the weeds and the wildflowers in both shots. Aside from the distinct nature theme of the pictorial, the other common thread shared by the snapshots was her yellow, daisy-print robe, which was practically falling off of her body as she did her best to hold onto the material.

In the first photo, Keech was on her knees and flashing a wry grin. Her straight blond hair was worn down, and her eyes were half-shut to complete an almost demure expression. Meanwhile, the top of her robe rested around her arms as she held the fabric up against her chest, leaving her shoulders exposed.

That shot was followed by one where Keech’s demeanor appeared to be notably uplifted. In the second snap, she had pulled her robe back over her shoulders and was clutching the fabric at the garment’s front to keep her front side shrouded in mystery. Where once a half-smile resided, the model’s face was filled with joy and laughter as she gazed down with admiration at a large turtle that had seemingly wandered onto the shot.

While Keech’s fans are undoubtedly accustomed to seeing her pose with her dog on IG, the turtle pic is quite literally an entirely different animal. Nevertheless, the update blew up as her offerings are wont to do, inspiring well over 100,000 users to smash that “like” button within an hour of the post going live. Meanwhile, several hundred fans left replies in the comments section.

“You are an amazing person,” wrote one commenter.

“Ninja turtle,” said another, adding a turtle emoji for effect.

As shared by The Inquisitr on May 11, Keech indulged her animal instincts in a more traditional sense recently by flaunting her fantastic figure in a sexy crop top and miniskirt combo while playing with her dog.