May 13, 2020
Tyler Cameron Says Hannah Brown's A Friend 'Right Now,' Hints 'Maybe One Day' That Could Change

The Bachelorette runner-up Tyler Cameron seems to be leaving the door open -- or at least a crack of it -- for an eventual romantic reunion with Hannah Brown. The two have been navigating dating rumors and speculation for the past couple of months, and now, he is sharing a little bit of new information about the pair's status.

In a recent interview, Tyler said that he felt that the current status of his relationship with Hannah should be kept private and between just the two of them. The Bachelorette fans felt that could be interpreted a number of different ways, as it ultimately provided no real clarity for anxious supporters.

Now, Tyler has chatted with E! News and shared a little bit more. He said that Hannah is a dear friend of his and that he is grateful they are able to be that way now. He insisted that's all there is between them right now, but it sounds as if he is open to the idea of more eventually.

"I'd say we're friends right now. I'm not in a place where I'm ready to date anybody. So, once I get to that place, maybe one day, but right now I'm just grateful that we can be friends," Tyler told the outlet.

Tyler might not be ready to date yet, but he does have a lot that he is trying to do right now. He has a new Quibi series called Barkitecture that has just debuted, and he has been living in Florida with his brothers at the Cameron family home as he decides what comes next.

The Bachelorette star said that for now, he is focusing on his construction company, building it up and getting some projects under his belt. Once he has it built to a place where he can step back, he said, he might consider reality television or other things like that again.

Hannah recently noted that she hasn't jumped back into dating yet, but that she feels she might be ready. She really hasn't addressed the questions about whether she has or would reunite romantically with Tyler.

Should The Bachelorette fans let go and move on from the idea of a romantic reunion between these two or is Tyler hinting that people should hang in there a while longer?

Even if it never becomes more, many people seem thrilled to see Tyler and Hannah on good terms now. Unfortunately, it doesn't look as if any formal romantic announcements are coming anytime soon.