May 13, 2020
Spoilers For Wednesday's 'General Hospital': Ava Faces A Question From Avery & Chase Catches Heat From Mac

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday's episode reveal that there are tough questions coming for many people in Port Charles. From the looks of things, there may not be any easy answers on the way for any of the people involved.

During Tuesday's show, Willow and Michael got married. Sasha and Chase pushed for this to happen, but knowing their scheme was successful left them both feeling intensely heartbroken. Based on the preview for Wednesday's episode shared on Twitter, it looks as if this heartbreak is going to noticeably affect Chase's job performance.

Soap Central noted that Mac would be seeking out Chase, and it looks as if that's coming with the May 13 show. Unfortunately, it does appear that this is because he needs Chase's help or insight.

The sneak peek shows Chase with Mac at the PCPD. Chase will look a bit stunned as Mac tells him to go handle whatever needs to be handled. It sounds as if Mac will be saying that the detective needs to take care of whatever it is that has him distracted and underperforming.

Chase takes his job as a detective quite seriously, so he will surely be quite rattled to be hearing this from Mac. Chances are, Chase won't fill Mac in on what's been going on in his personal life that is causing issues. Unfortunately, most would guess that he's probably going to have a hard time pulling himself together anytime soon as well.

Ava has been busy living her life as Nikolas' wife and enjoying the riches that come with that. However, it appears that Avery will be struggling. General Hospital spoilers from the preview that Ava will get to see Avery and her daughter will have a tough question to ask her mom.

Last week, when Ava and Nikolas were fighting, he threw out some harsh comments about her relationships with both Avery and Kiki. To now have Avery asking about one of them forgetting the other will probably come as a crushing blow to Ava. Will it change her stance on how to handle this marriage to Nik, though?

Wednesday's show also brings tough moments for Sonny and Mike, along with challenges for Carly. Robert will be spending time with Laura, and Olivia will be upset over something.

There's more concerning the aftermath of Willow and Michael's wedding, but it appears that viewers may not see Nelle proceed with her next move until Thursday's episode. General Hospital spoilers suggest that emotions will be running high throughout this episode, and fans are eager to see what comes next.