May 13, 2020
Salma Hayek Shares A Makeup-Free Photo While Going For A Swim

Salma Hayek stunned her 14.7 million Instagram fans on Wednesday afternoon with a gorgeous makeup-free selfie. In the pic, the actress could be seen floating in a pool of water as she took a selfie.

The 53-year-old did not indicate her location in her post, but it looked like she may have posed for the snapshot in a swimming pool as the cerulean water looked clear and chlorinated. She wore a magenta swimsuit in the image, revealing a hint of ample cleavage to her millions of admirers. However, the main attraction was Salma's blemish-free face, cleansed of all makeup products as she let her natural beauty shine through.

Beads of water clung to the beauty's skin as she gazed intently at the camera. Her long dark hair hung in damp strands around her face with the lower half of her locks still submerged beneath the water, nestled around her chest and across her shoulders.

Her bright brown eyes shined in the photo, even without mascara or eyeliner to enhance them. Her eyebrows looked naturally thick and slightly unkempt from her swim. Even though Salma did not wear any lipstick, her lips still looked lush and healthy.

The Like A Boss actress held her camera upwards to keep it from getting wet, she peered up into the lens and snapped the pic. In her caption, she simply wrote the Spanish word for water and added a couple of hashtags alongside a water droplet emoji.

Salma's fans and famous friends seemed to love the new photograph. Within two hours of going live, her post earned over 254,200 likes and more than 2,000 comments.

"I dont think you will ever need makeup. Ive seen 24 yr olds that look older than you. Sweet jesus what an angel!" gushed one fan.

"You are so naturally beautiful, I swear you are 1 of the most beautiful women in the world," wrote another admirer.

"Wow! Im like 10 years younger, Latina and I wish my skin look like that! Ive always admired you since the beginning of your career in telenovelas," raved a third Instagram user, inserting two flame emoji into their comment.

Just last month, Salma shared another bare-faced photograph of herself, giving her followers a glimpse of her au natural appearance. In that pic, she wore a pink T-shirt with the word "grateful" written across the chest. She appeared to be lying down to pose for the picture, and her facial features looked soft and natural without makeup adorning them.