Danielley Ayala Goes Completely Naked Behind Sheer White Curtain & Credits Friend For The Sexy Snap

Danielley Ayala snaps a selfie.
Danielley Ayala / Instagram

Danielley Ayala went naked on Instagram, and her 3.3 million fans are loving the sizzling new post. The update has only been live on the model’s social media page for less than an hour, but that has not stopped thousands of followers from showering it with praise.

The model stood in profile in a room that was possibly in her home. She did not include a geotag in her update, but her last few photos additions captured the model at home. She posed in front of a large, rectangular window that overlooked a yard. Only a gigantic tree could be seen behind her, and it encompassed the entire frame. The window did not have a cover or screen and allowed for ample sunlight to spill over Danielley’s bombshell body.

Only a sheer white curtain separated the model’s naked figure from the camera, but her fans did not seem to mind. In her caption, she credited her best friend for snapping the NSFW shot and asked her followers how they thought she did with her photography skills. Danielley left virtually nothing to the imagination in the scandalous shot that has already become a hit.

Danielley appeared to rest one leg on the window sill, and the other was firmly at her side. She placed one hand on her side, and the other appeared to be in line with her figure since it was not visible in the photo. Her hourglass figure was on full display for fans. Her chest was unsupported, and her bodacious backside looked picture-perfect. Danielley looked down toward the ground in the image, and her long, brunette tresses covered the side of her face while the rest spilled over her back.

It was unclear if she was wearing any accessories or makeup in the image, and the model most certainly let her bombshell body to the talking. The post was only added to her page moments ago, but fans instantly flocked to the insanely sexy shot.

The post has amassed over 72,000 likes and 800 comments. Many Instagrammers raved over Danielley’s bombshell body while countless others weighed in on her friend’s photographer skills.

“Pretty good, but I think the curtain may be in the way a little bit,” one follower wrote of the smoking-hot new post.

“I love sheer everything!!!!” another Instagram user pointed out with a few heart-eye emoji.

“Very well. She totally nailed your beautiful body,” one more complimented.