May 13, 2020
Donny Osmond Shares Pic Of Dogs In Rock & Country Singer Costumes Inspired By Him And Sister Marie

Donny Osmond shared a pic of dogs in rock and country singer costumes inspired by himself and sister Marie Osmond with Instagram. A sign was placed in front of them that quoted the title of one of the singing duo's most recognizable songs. It also noted the number of days they have been self-quarantined due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In the image, the sweet animals were posing on what looks like a piece of furniture. The rescue pups named Maya and Macy, who live in Texas with their owner, have their own Instagram page where the are regularly dressed up and placed in different hilarious scenarios as a way to brighten up their followers' Instagram feeds.

The dog on the left side of the photo is dressed in country-inspired garb. Wearing a long blond wig, a western-style hat, and cowboy boots, the pup stood perfectly still balancing a small wireless microphone along the side of their snout.

On the right, a rock 'n' roll-inspired get-up was on-point for the other sweet and well-behaved animal. The dog wore a hot pink wild wig, a glittery dress, and a wireless microphone.

Placed to the animals' right was a board that revealed the day of the quarantine and stated the pups were "a little bit country, a little bit rock & roll."

The quote was from the aforementioned song made famous by Donny and Marie Osmond as a midway segment of their hourlong variety show, The Donny and Marie Show, which aired on ABC Friday evenings from 1975 to 1979.

That part of the show was very popular with fans. The siblings would sing the Marty Cooper-penned tune and segue into shortened versions of popular country and rock songs, highlighting their vocal expertise in the genres. That tune would become the centerpiece of the series and one of the most recognizable tunes they would record as a duo.

Fans loved the sweet pic and shared their feelings in the comments section of the post.

"Always feeling Rock and Roll, never country. Such a cute picture. Love it!" remarked one follower of the singer and entertainer.

"I needed this cute picture today, I am feeling a little low in spirit!. Thanks for posting this," said a second Instagram user.

"Aww so cute. Just like you Donny. Stay safe," said a third fan.

"Aw puppy love," said a fourth follower, referencing one of Donny's most recognizable solo hits from his days as a teen idol.