Natasha Oakley Exposes Midriff & Cleavage In White Tennis Outfit -- 'My Happy Place'

Natasha Oakley flaunted her curves on Instagram today. She posted a cute snap of herself in a tiny tennis outfit that had her followers racing to hit the "like" button. Natasha also revealed how she's coping amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The model recently took to social media to post a photo of herself at the tennis courts. She wore a tight-fitting crossover long-sleeve top that barely covered her midriff. It also exposed her voluptuous cleavage despite the fact that she wore a white camisole underneath. Natasha showed off her bronzed skin that seems to indicate that she has been spending a lot of time under the sun.

She paired the tops with a short white tennis skirt with an elasticated band that highlighted her minuscule waist. The skirt then flowed freely from her hips and stopped mid-thigh, giving her fans a generous view of her sculpted legs.

Natasha also wore a pair of white sneakers and protected her eyes with some snazzy sunglasses. The model held a tennis racket in one of her hands, ready for some action.

The 29-year-old chose function over beauty for this particular shot. She styled her hair away from her face and tied it in a high ponytail. She also kept her face natural-looking and appeared only to be wearing a minimal amount of makeup.

In her caption, Natasha mentioned that the tennis courts were her "happy place" at the moment. It appears as if the Australian-born model spent time at the court to relax and found joy in being active. This particular tennis court has a few trees surrounding it, as well as some tall buildings. According to the geotag, Natasha is currently in her native country.

The social media influencer posed by lifting one of her legs behind her. She caught her foot with her hand while holding the tennis racket with the other. She slightly elevated her head so that her neckline was lengthened and smiled for the camera.

Natasha has amassed a large following of more than 2.1 million people. She and her business partner and friend, Devin Brugman, created the Monday Swimwear line. She still remains relevant to her fans by posting the kind of content that they like to see. This particular image, for instance, has already racked up more than 11,000 likes in just four short hours. Many of her fans also flooded the comments section with compliments and praise.

An Instagram user was impressed by her style.

"Tennis fashion goals right here!" they raved.

Another fan made a rather wistful comment.

"Wish I was the racquet," they said.

A follower also noted her geotag and felt that Natasha was lucky to be in Australia during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"So lucky you live in such beautiful location at this time specially," they remarked.