Hilde Osland Shows Off Killer Abs In NSFW Crop Top

Hilde Osland snaps a selfie.
Hilde Osland / Instagram

Hilde Osland shared a sexy series of Instagram photos that showed off her killer abs in several different outfits. Her most recent upload has only been live on her feed for a few hours, but it’s already proved to be a hit with her 3.3 million followers.

The new photo saw her clad in a tiny tank top and a pair of jeans. She did not use a geotag to indicate her exact location but posed in the middle of an open road. There was nothing but clear blue skies overhead, and Hilde stood front and center, pulling her long, blond curls out of her face while they waved in the wind. Her curvy figure was on full display in the sexy outfit.

Her tiny tank top boasted a ribbed pattern, and she appeared to go braless underneath. The piece had spaghetti straps that secured over her back and a scooping neckline that hardly contained her chest, exposing ample cleavage for her adoring fans. The tank top featured a graphic that was embroidered in the middle of her chest which included some choice language that made a bold statement. The garment had a small band on the bottom, which helped draw further attention to her chiseled abs.

On her lower half, she opted for a pair of tight denim jeans that were slightly less revealing. The piece highlighted her gorgeous curves and sat snug on her hips, accentuating her tiny waist and trim midsection. The clothing was constructed of light-wash denim fabric and had a small amount of distressing on her hips and knees. The model added a few accessories to her sexy look, which included a double-layered gold necklace and a tie bracelet on her right wrist. Meanwhile, she held one hand up in the air and showed off her bright white manicure.

Hilde’s luscious blond locks spilled over her back, and the sun dropped over her body to illuminate her tresses. She gazed off into the distance with a slight smile, and her beautiful blue eyes sparkled in the sun. She also included a small amount of glam, which looked to include defined brows, eyeliner, and mascara. The remaining few photos in the set captured the Norwegian beauty posing in other sexy attire.

The sizzling snaps delighted her fans and earned the model over 64,000 likes and 1,400 comments.

“I just would love to rummage through your closets. I love all your clothes,” one fan complimented.

“All ten pictures are a 10, because you are a certified 20! You are amazing!” a second fan added, answering the question that Hilde posed in the caption.