Lauren Dascalo Flaunts Stunning Curves & Perky Booty In Tiger-Striped Bikini

Lauren Dascalo snaps a mirror selfie.
Lauren Dascalo / Instagram

Lauren Dascalo showed off her stunning body in a new post she uploaded to Instagram on Tuesday. In a series of photos on her feed, the model rocked a tiger-striped bikini that left very little to the imagination as she posed in what looked to be her living room or office. In the caption, Lauren encouraged fans to be themselves, despite what others may think.

The photos showed the beauty standing in a brown and white room in her Los Angeles home. Behind her, a round desk chair could be seen, as well as a table pushed against the wall and a painting above it. Light appeared to be shining into the room from somewhere off-camera, as the rays shone down on the blonde, highlighting her tan skin. She looked positively radiant in her swimwear, which did nothing but favors for her killer curves.

Her look included a tan top with black tiger stripes and a thick black trim. Thin strings tied in bows on her shoulders. The low neckline of the demi-cut top did little to contain her ample cleavage, which spilled out at the center. The low nature of the bikini’s back put some of her sideboob on display.

Lauren’s flat, toned tummy was able to be seen between the top and a matching u-shaped thong. The front of the bikini remained low on her waist to show off her abs, while the sides came up high above her hips and drew attention to her hourglass figure. Her long, lean legs and pert derrière were exposed as well.

She accessorized her outfit with a gold chain necklace. She also appeared to be sporting a full face of makeup. Her glam looked to include highlighter, bronzer, smoky eyeshadow, thick eyeliner, and a light pink lipstick. She wore her long blond hair down and pushed to one side in luscious waves.

In the first photo, Lauren leaned forward slightly and pressed her arms against her chest, allowing her cleavage to fall out further. She pursed her lips and stared into the camera with a sultry gaze. The second photo showed her turned sideways, with her back arched and round booty popped to give fans a better look at her figure.

The post garnered more than 19,000 likes and nearly 500 comments in under a day, proving to be a hit with her fans. Many of her followers left praise for her flawless physique in the comments section.

“Smoking hot body,” one fan wrote with red hearts.

“Stunning figure with a beautiful smile,” another added.

Lauren always knows how to drive her fans wild. In a post earlier this week, she rocked a pink bikini as she played with a beach ball, which her followers loved.