Nicole Thorne Stuns In A Gold Bikini, Reminisces About Days When You ‘Could Put Your Butt On Counter Tops’

Nicole cracked a joke about the coronavirus.

Nicole Thorne takes a selfie.
Nicole Thorne / Instagram

Nicole cracked a joke about the coronavirus.

Nicole Thorne shared a stunning bikini photo with her 1.4 million Instagram followers on Wednesday, adding a humorous caption that is sure to put a smile on the faces of her fans.

The Australian model was pictured wearing a gold two-piece from IVY Swimwear. The bathing suit was constructed out of shiny, satin-like material. The fabric was ruched, and its elegant folds helped make the bikini look luxurious and expensive.

Nicole’s top was a push-up design with underwire and rounded demi cups that put her voluptuous cleavage on full display. The garment was riding up, causing Nicole to flash a hint of underboob. The model’s matching bottoms featured thin adjustable side straps that arched up high on her curvy hips. The garment’s low front exposed her flat lower midsection.

Nicole was wearing her brunette hair parted down the center and styled in soft curls that tumbled down her back. Her makeup application appeared to include shiny berry-pink lipstick on her plump pout. She also looked like she was wearing black eyeliner, a generous amount of mascara, and dark brown eye shadow that made her icy blue eyes pop.

Nicole was seated on a kitchen counter with her right leg curled up in front of her. The model’s bare foot was rested against her left inner thigh. Her left leg dangled off the counter, and sunlight from a window behind her illuminated the skin on her shapely thigh, making it appear to glow.

An orange that had been sliced in half was sitting on the pristine white countertop in front of Nicole. A wall of lush greenery visible through the window added a pop of color to the model’s photo.

While Nicole gave the camera a serious, seductive look, the caption she chose for her photo was anything but. She cracked a joke about how the coronavirus has made it unsafe for people to put their butts on countertops.

As of this writing, Nicole’s post has racked up over 13,000 likes and dozens of comments. Her hilarious caption proved to be a big hit with her followers, and many of them referenced it in their responses to her post.

“You still can Nicole, just sanitise after,” suggested one fan.

“You can sit on my counter top,” another admirer offered.

“Hahha omg I love you, and this,” read a third remark.

“How are you so perfect in every picture?” a fourth commenter asked.

On Tuesday, Nicole was pictured rocking the same bikini in a set of mirror selfies that she shared. They were taken in her bathroom instead of her kitchen, and provided a better view of the front of the swimsuit.