Suzy Cortez Rocks Oversized T-Shirt In Hot New Pantsless Photo

Suzy Cortez snaps a selfie.
Suzy Cortez / Instagram

Suzy Cortez flaunted her incredible figure in nothing more than an oversized T-shirt and sneakers on Instagram. The post was added to her feed a few short hours ago and has generated a ton of attention already.

The photo captured the model posed in front of a plain black background. She did not use a geotag to indicate her exact location, but in her caption, she plugged her Only Fans page.

Suzy stared into the camera seductively and spread her legs open while she sat on a multicolored barstool. She captivated her audience in a skimpy outfit that was a far cry from her standard bikini but proved to be just as hot.

Suzy sported nothing more than an oversized white T-shirt with the Only Fans logo across her chest in bold blue letters. The sheer white hue helped to showcase her beautiful, tan complexion. It had capped sleeves, which helped show off her muscular arms while she tugged at the front of the piece to cover what was necessary. Its basic crewneck top didn’t allow for much to be seen, but her bottoms left little to the imagination.

Cortez went pantsless in the smoking-hot photo, allowing for her fit legs to be seen in their entirety. Suzy’s muscular thighs sat on the barstool while her calves and lower legs dangled off the piece of furniture. Suzy added a pair of trendy red Converse sneakers as her only accessory on her lower half

Suzy did not add any accessories to her barely there look and made sure that all eyes were glued to her phenomenal figure. She styled her long, brunette tresses with loose, beachy waves and allowed them to fall down one side of her shoulder. Her hair tumbled down to her hips, drawing even more attention to her fit stems. As for glam, the model rocked a fierce application to highlight all of her bold features. She appeared to add a smoky palette to her eyes and a few thick coats of mascara to extend her lashes. It also looked like Suzy brushed her cheeks with pink blush and wore a similar color of her lips.

Many fans were pleased with the photo itself and double-tapped over 10,000 times in eight hours. It also amassed over 120 comments, many of which complimented her incredible figure.

“Super magnificent beauty,” one fan gushed alongside a single red heart.

“That’s amazing number 1,” a second fan applauded.

“You truly have the best body’s on Instagram, your just amazing,” one more chimed in with a few flames attached to the end of the post.