Instagram Model Caroline O’Mahony Shows Off Her Sculpted Legs And Booty In Black Underwear

Caroline O'Mahony posts a workout selfie on her Instagram page.
Caroline O'Mahony / Instagram

Instagram model Caroline O’Mahony shared what has been keeping her feeling fresh while stuck at home during the coronavirus outbreak. In her latest update, she put her toned physique on display while sporting a white t-shirt and black underwear.

The YouTube star has been giving fans tips on staying fit while following shelter-in-place orders and in her recent post, she told her followers what has kept her spirits up. She posed for a mirror selfie that offered a view of her sculpted figure. O’Mahony wore her long brown hair down and parted to the left side of her gorgeous face. She stood in front of a white wall with a green door to her left. The simple backdrop only made her body pop even more.

O’Mahony held her left hand up to her face as her right one held her phone to snap the photograph. The 22-year-old had her body slightly turned to the right so fans caught a full glimpse of her chiseled lower body and defined midsection. She sported a white t-shirt that she knotted in the middle, high above her abdomen. The only thing she had on for bottoms was a pair of high-waisted black panties that featured small straps wrapping around her figure. She held her left leg straight while popping her right one in front of her. This stance helped accentuate her thighs and curvaceous backside.

In her caption, the fitness model mentioned how doing her hair and getting a tan were essential to keeping her sanity during the COVID-19 crisis and asked what workouts fans wanted to see. Her 667,000 Instagram followers took notice of the steamy update and over 25,000 of them found their way to the “like” button in just over 15 hours. The Irish model received over 200 comments from her loyal followers as well.

“Bawwwdyyyyyy. I need to get a tan in today,” a female follower wrote.

Many of O’Mahony’s fans responded to her caption asking about what exercises she should post.

“Hamstring focused workout with limited equipment pls!” one female Instagram user replied.

“A glute workout would be awesome please!” commented another fan.

“Legs, glutes and abs,” a fourth message read, along with two emoji.

As covered by The Inquistr, earlier this month O’Mahony showed fans four lower-body exercises they could do from the comfort of their home. In the video clips she wore a tight teal outfit that complemented her toned figure. That post earned over 24,000 likes and 200 comments from her appreciative followers.