Niece Waidhofer Wears Provocative Black Underwear Reminiscent Of ‘Bowsette Cosplay’

Niece Waidhofer takes a selfie
Niece Waidhofer / Instagram

Instagram model Niece Waidhofer wowed her 1.9 million followers with her recent post showing off a strappy black underwear set that she deemed reminiscent of “Bowsette cosplay.” Her fans immediately responded to the provocative snap.

Niece’s black bra featured an overlay of lace, as well as several straps that were joined around the celebrity‘s neck. Leaning against a mirror while she took the selfie, she also wore a matching waist trainer with a metal ring and several studs that highlighted her slender waist and trim figure. Below that, her scanty bikini bottoms also featured the same metal studs.

Per usual, Niece was immaculately made up. Her pale complexion was seemingly highlighted with smoky eye makeup and dark eyeliner wings. On her lips, she appeared to be wearing a light-colored lipstick. Her hair was brushed out and parted on one side, as her locks were swept mostly over to one side and cascaded across a shoulder as she posed.

Behind Niece, a wall with what appears to be a white painted tree was visible. She stood on a pale rug that was laid over polished floorboards.

Unfortunately, Niece’s Instagram post contained a swear word — making it not safe for work — but the post is still live on her official Instagram account.

Within two hours, the image had gathered more than 57,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

“Ur the only girl I know who would rather be bowser than princess peach. I love it,” a follower wrote in the comments section, obviously pertaining to the Mario Bros. references in her caption.

“Gorgeous,” said another fan.

Others were more interested in the conspiracy theory Niece had posted that saw her claiming that Bowsette isn’t Bowser crossed with the Super Crown power-up. Instead, she claimed that the female version of the Mario Bros. villain is simply Princess Peach wearing “kinky” outfits for Bowser whenever she’s kidnapped.

“Spot on theory,” one person wrote.

“Best conspiracy ever,” another fan said, using a string of laughing and fire emoji for further emphasis.

In addition, many of her followers used emoji in order to convey how they felt about the update. The most popular were the fire, heart-eyes, and kissing emoji. Various versions of the heart emoji were also popular among her legions of fans.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Niece recently posted an image that she referred to as the “’07 Britney Spears-Esque” look. She also referenced the fact that her look was achieved by “styling six weeks’ worth of quarantine root growth with a ray of sunlight.”