Kristen Bell Shares Snap Of Her Chaotic Homeschooling Situation

Actress Kristen Bell of The Good Place and the Frozen franchise is just like any other parent struggling to homeschool their kids. In an Instagram post on Tuesday, Bell shared a picture of her chaotic homeschooling situation with the snarky caption, "Homeschool's going okay."

In the picture, Bell is sitting at a table by a window in her home. She's attempting to type on a laptop, which is propped on a pink binder. Surrounding the laptop, are a mug of coffee, several plastic cups, and a kid's plate of lunch. Bell's dog is curled up on her lap, one of her daughters is sitting on her shoulders, and her other daughter is clinging to her arm. Bell drew arrows on the picture pointing to each creature hanging on her with the labels "dog" and "offspring." Bell stares into the camera with a helpless, annoyed expression.

Within minutes, the popular parenting account Scary Mommy had reposted the snap, adding their own text on the image: "Kristen Bell is, once again, all of us." The account added the caption, "We feel you, @kristenanniebell." As hinted at by Scary Mommy's text and the caption, Bell is known for sharing her super-relatable experiences about being a parent and a wife.

The Instagram post wasn't the first time that Bell has talked about the struggles that homeschooling presents. In an earlier Instagram post, Bell shared about her experience trying to get her daughter to write an opinion essay. Her daughter chose to write about "how my mommy reacts to me" and the evidence she gave to support her opinion was less than complimentary, to say the least. Bell shared a snap of her daughter's essay outline which included all the negative ways her daughter thinks she reacts to her.

In an interview with People, Bell revealed that she started out quarantine as one of those moms with an organized, color-coded daily schedule for her two daughters, Delta and Lincoln who are 5 and 7. She also revealed that she tore up the schedules only five days later.

"I said if the plan is making everyone miserable, the lesson is to pivot. Pivot, right?" said Bell.

"We are using a combination of a few different online teaching techniques. One where their teachers can upload videos, and they are splitting the work among the entire grade of teachers, which is kind of genius."
Bell summarized her approach to homeschooling as doing "one thing for your brain, one thing for your body." She explained that she's trying to make sure that her kids are getting their school work done, but she's also making sure they're taking care of themselves and having fun.