Progressives Urge Nancy Pelosi To Delay Friday’s Vote On The Next Coronavirus Relief Packages

U.S. Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal speaks to the press
Karen Ducey / Getty Images

Members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC) are asking Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to push back the House vote on the next coronavirus relief package, The Hill reported. On Tuesday, Pelosi unveiled the proposed bill for the next coronavirus relief package and announced that the House was planning to vote on the bill Friday.

Shortly after Pelosi made this announcement, members of the CPC drafted and sent a letter to Pelosi and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, asking them to postpone the vote so representatives could have more time to review the proposed bill, according to The Hill. The proposed bill for the $3 trillion relief package is over 1,800 pages long, and lawmakers from the CPC are insisting they need more time to absorb the details.

“As we read the more than 1800-page legislation, we must have more time to determine what is in and what is not in this legislation, as well as a conversation about the bill as a caucus. Most of us will already be flying by Thursday, shaving even more time off our full review,” the lawmakers said in their letter to House leaders.

“We request delaying the Friday vote to the following week.”

According to The Hill, progressive lawmakers are concerned that the proposed bill does not go far enough to help workers who are currently unemployed and small businesses that are struggling to survive. Per Politico, progressives in the House pushed hard to include provisions in the package that would assist small businesses in making payroll, but House Democrats weren’t prepared to include the provisions in this bill. Majority Leader Hoyer said that he believed the plan proffered by progressives is a good idea and that it would be explored for the next relief package.

Leaders of the CPC contacted its members and asked them to let House leadership know they were undecided about how they would vote on the bill, per The Hill. The leaders hope to delay the vote on the bill by making it unclear whether the bill will get enough votes to pass.

According to Politico, progressives in the House acknowledged that they don’t have a lot of leverage to ensure their priorities will make it into this relief package. They don’t want to delay crucial aid to their constituents by delaying the bill. They also don’t want to alienate their allies in the House because they want to get their priorities addressed in upcoming relief packages.

During a call with House representatives on Tuesday, Pelosi acknowledged that some of her colleagues wouldn’t be pleased with what was left out of the bill, Politico reported. She stressed that “we can’t do everything in this bill.” Already, the bill is one of the most comprehensive aid packages that’s ever been proposed by the House.

Even if the bill is passed on Friday, it will hit a major stumbling block when it gets to the Senate, according to Politico. Republicans criticized the bill before it was even made public, saying that it was too expansive and expensive. Both the White House and Congressional Republicans have said they want to wait before passing any more relief packages.