May 13, 2020
Nick Cordero Is Officially Awake After Month-Long Coma Due To Coronavirus

Broadway actor and singer Nick Cordero is awake, his wife Amanda Kloots reveals. The actor has been battling the novel coronavirus since late March and he is now officially regaining consciousness after more than a month in a coma.

This has been a long, intense battle for Nick that has included a leg amputation, severe lung damage, and more than a month in a coma. The doctors did a procedure to put in a tracheostomy tube about a week ago, and Nick has been making solid progress toward waking up ever since then.

On Monday, Nick's wife Amanda detailed that the actor was starting to wake up and was trying to follow commands. In her Tuesday Instagram story updates, Amanda has even more solid news to celebrate.

Amanda quipped that they might have to change their hashtag from "Wake Up Nick" to "Code Rocky," because Nick is finally awake. Those supporting Amanda and Nick on Instagram have been having daily dance parties to his song "Live Your Life" and have been using that "Wake Up Nick" hashtag. Now, it seems that it's time to let go of that one.

As many who have been following stories like Nick's may know, a "Code Rocky" is a phrase often used in hospitals to celebrate a coronavirus patient making it out of the hospital. Just a few days ago, Amanda posted another family's Code Rocky celebration to her Instagram page. She said she had recently connected with the patient's girlfriend and that they had been encouraging Amanda not to give up on Nick.

The doctors gave Amanda the official go-ahead on Tuesday to say that Nick is definitively awake. He is still incredibly weak, she says, so even opening and closing his eyes takes all of his energy. Even given that, Amanda couldn't stop cheering as she held the couple's son Elvis and shared this update.

In a text slide shared on her Instagram stories, Amanda detailed where things are at for Nick right now.

"So what we've learned! Nick is awake! He is extremely weak, so weak that he can't close his mouth. But he is following commands which means mental status is coming back! This is a long road, a very long road. We are on our way to #CodeRocky," Amanda wrote.

Updates on Nick's coronavirus battle have been coming almost every day since Amanda dropped him off at Cedars-Sinai in late March. Not long ago, she said that having Nick home for baby Elvis' first birthday on June 10 was her goal.

Nick's coronavirus battle may not be over yet, but the fact that the doctor said that he is officially awake now is most definitely worth celebrating.