Kaley Cuoco Horrifies Fans By Grabbing Urine-Soaked Dog And Touching Her Hair

Kaley Cuoco made a smelly discovery when her rescue chihuahua Dumpy decided to join her while she was filming her latest episode of Cup of Cuoco.

On Sunday, Kaley took to Instagram to share a Mother's Day edition of her morning show, and the former star of The Big Bang Theory spent a lot of time talking about being a dog mom. She described Dumpy -- the senior "foster fail" that joined her family back in March -- as her "stalker" before holding the wiggly canine up in front of the camera with both hands. The actress then gave him a sniff.

"Oh my god. I think Norman peed on him. Oh god. There's a wet streak. That's pee!" she said.

Norman is Kaley's first rescue dog. She didn't explain why she knew that the pit bull mix was to blame for Dumpy's urine bath, but she indicated that the dogs peeing inside her new house have become a real problem.

"If he's not peeing somewhere, someone's peeing on him," Kaley said of Dumpy.

Right after Kaley placed the chihuahua back on the floor, she reached up and ran one of her hands through the back of her wavy blond hair. She also scratched her arm, yanked on the shoulder of her nightshirt, and fluffed her locks again.

A few moments later, Kaley seemingly forgot about the pee spot on Dumpy and picked him up a second time.

"Ugh, I just touched it," she said. "I'll wash my hands, don't worry."

However, it wasn't Kaley's hands that many of her Instagram followers were concerned about. They noticed that the actress couldn't stop messing with her hair as she continued talking, and she also touched her face and mug.

"Woman stop touching your face and hair after touching dog wizz!! Ahh!!!" read one response to her video.

"You're touching everything with pee on your hand!" another fan wrote.

"Cringe. Dog pee on the hand, then same hand holding top of coffee mug, touching hair, scratching face, readjusting night shirt. I had to stop watching because of the anxiety!" a third commenter remarked.

As Kaley kept touching herself and her mug with her dirty hands, she moved on to talking about how much she loves Dumpy. The actress said that she'll start crying sometimes when she thinks about how someone didn't want him and gave him up. She revealed that it took a while for the dog to come out of his shell, but she said that the cute pooch has now shown her his "hysterical" personality. Kaley has discovered that Dumpy is a really big fan of car trips, and one of his other favorite pastimes is following her around so that he can always keep "one creepy eye" on her.

Kaley said that Dumpy was once so scared that he wouldn't leave his crate, but noted that he's now "brave enough to stand beneath Norman while Norman pees."