Gizele Oliveira Lowers Pants To Reveal Fabulous Figure In Rhinestone Bikini

Gizele Oliveira has been giving her fans plenty of content to get excited about over the past few days. On Tuesday, she heated up Instagram with a flirty snapshot that featured her lowering her pants to reveal her incredible figure while wearing a rhinestone bikini.

Gizele's post was a single photo the captured her from the front. She kept all distractions to a minimum by posing in front of a white curtain.

The Victoria's Secret model's bikini was black and adorned with rhinestones, which added some bling to the number. The top featured a low-cut neckline. It also had a zipper that went down between her breasts, which called attention to her cleavage. The bottoms had a low-rise front that sat below her belly button with sides that sat higher on her hips. Gizele also wore a pair of sweatpants over the bottoms, which she wore pulled down over her hips in a playful fashion.

Gizele gave the camera a sultry look while she stood with her hands in the pants pockets while cocking her hips to one side. The pose showcased her hourglass shape and chiseled abs. Also on display was her shapely arms. The photo was slightly blurry as if it captured her in motion while she struck the flirty pose. A few of the rhinestones on the swimsuit sparkled in the light as she moved, giving the snapshot a glamorous vibe.

The model wore her hair tossed over one shoulder, and her short bangs were also brushed to one side. Her makeup application looked to include smoky eye shadow, blush on her cheeks, and a rose shade on her lips.

Gizele kept the caption simple, writing that the bathing suit was available from online retailer Fashion Nova.

Judging from the amount of flame and heart-eye emoji in the comments section, her fans approved of the look.

Many fans took a minute to comment on how stunning she looked in the bikini.

"damn girl. i love seeing powerful women on here," one Instagram user wrote.

"U r [sic] the Beauty Goddess Giizele," a second admirer commented.

"You look SO gorgeous," gushed a third follower.

"Stunning lovely gorgeous girl," a fourth fan chimed in.

Gizele has an enviable figure, and she doesn't seem to mind showcasing it on social media. Last week, she shared a post that featured her putting it on display in a hot pink bikini while she soaked up the sun from her deck.