Anastasiya Kvitko Nearly Pops The Buttons On Her Mini Dress In Latest Video

Anastasiya Kvitko knows how to get the attention of her 10.5 million Instagram followers. She also knows how to wear tight clothing that showcases her curves. On Tuesday, she brought some heat to her feed with a video that featured her wearing a mini dress that was so tight, she almost popped a few of its buttons.

Anastasiya's dress was made from a powder blue, stretchy fabric that hugged her curves. The sleeveless garment had a low-cut neckline that exposed her cleavage. A row of buttons went all the way down the front and the top button was undone. The dress was so tight that a couple of buttons looked like they were stressed to the maximum. The hem of the sexy number cut off just below her booty, showing off her shapely thighs.

The model's video was an ad for Bang energy drinks, but as with most of her photos and videos, Anastasiya made her killer curves a focal point as she posed with cans of the beverage.

The clip began by showing Anastasiya getting out of an elevator and walking down a hallway, presumably to her apartment. The camera followed her from behind, giving her fans a nice look at her backside and her slender waist as she made her steps. The footage then showed her using a key to open her door. Two small puppies rushed to greet her as she squatted down to give them some love before closing the door.

The video cut to the model dropping her keys on a counter and reaching for a can of the drink. She opened it and drank as the camera zoomed in and showed a close-up shot of her chest. It then showed her squatting down to play with her puppies again, before ending.

The post was an instant hit, raking in more than 90,000 likes within an hour.

In the caption, she wrote that she was always happy to arrive home to her pets and to have a taste of her favorite drink.

Hundreds of fans flocked to the comments section to gush over how spectacular Anastasiya looked in the dress.

"This is what we call a perfect Body," quipped one admirer.

"I could watch that all day you are absolutely beautiful," a second Instagram user chimed in.

"You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen," a third follower commented.

"You are really a unbelievably gorgeous omg a true masterpiece! Pure fire so beautiful," raved a fourth fan.