Blake Shelton Shows Off Awkward TikTok Dance In Hilarious Video

Blake Shelton is getting in on the TikTok craze sweeping the globe. The country star may not be the first name people think of when it comes to celebrities taking on TikTok dance challenges, but Blake recently proved that he's not afraid to give one a go. He filmed himself showing off his questionable moves in his bedroom for a hilarious new video.

As reported by Country Now this week, Blake's attempts to dance were captured in a Voice Happy Hour video shared to the NBC show's YouTube page. The clip gave fans a peek behind the scenes at what The Voice Season 18's coaches have been getting up to while at home in lockdown due to the coronavirus crisis.

Blake, Kelly Clarkson, Nick Jonas, and John Legend all checked in with longtime host Carson Daly in the video, which led the "God's Country" singer to reveal that, just like millions of other people around the world, he'd decided to download the short video app and get dancing.

Blake kicked things off by joking that he was actually inspired by Nick, who regularly shares videos with his fans via the app.

"Nick, you think you're the master at TikTok," he told him, before launching into a pretty awkward dance.

Dressed in a backward baseball cap, one of his signature dark shirts, and a pair of blue jeans, Gwen Stefani's boyfriend pretty much kept his feet still but repeatedly flung his arms around in different directions during his short routine.

The 43-year-old did an arm wave and positioned his hands so the palms were facing each other before moving them toward the camera. He also stiffly spun his right arm around like a windmill.

Blake danced next to a bed at his Oklahoma ranch, where he's been spending time with his girlfriend, Gwen, and their family members for the past several weeks.

The wooden room was decorated with a collection of framed pictures as well as a large U.S. flag on the wall above his bed and a deer head mounted next to the door.

As well as revealing his dance skills for the world to see, Blake also jokingly admitted that he's been doing "a lot of manly things" while in lockdown, such as talking to plants and ducks.

Blake's dance video came shortly after the star revealed on social media over the weekend that he's still abiding by social distancing rules. He shared a pouty photo of himself and his sister, Endy, giving their mom an air hug from six feet away in celebration of Mother's Day on May 10.