Diana Maux Goes Braless Beneath Knotted, Unbuttoned Shirt & Exposes Bounteous Cleavage

Diana Maux looked sensational in her most recent Instagram update. Dressed in only a shirt that she knotted beneath her breasts and a skimpy thong, the model flaunted her ample curves for her hordes of followers.

The model, who originally hails from Colombia, looked smoking hot in her unusual attire. While shirts are traditionally not the sexiest pieces of clothing, Diana's take on the garment was downright scandalous. She wore it in a way that exposed most of her body and emphasized every curve of her frame.

The certified personal trainer exposed her voluptuous cleavage by knotting the unbuttoned shirt at her breast bone. The model also went braless as no straps can be seen between her breasts. Instead, a gold chain dangled from her neck and nestled between her bounteous assets. The model's washboard abs and minuscule waist were also on display.

Diana paired the top with a black thong that clung high on her hip bones and showed off her thick thighs and tiny waist. Diana has very muscular legs, and she flaunted her lower limbs much to the delight of her fans.

The fitness model kept her hair away from her face by styling it in a high ponytail. This way, fans were able to appreciate her beautiful facial features, which she cleverly highlighted with what appeared to be a full face of makeup.

Diana proudly displayed her hourglass figure by standing on a rocky shore. In the background, a towering boulder stood sentry as the sea washed across the shore. The model's feet glistened with water droplets as she walked through the surf. She posed by putting one hand behind her head and looking out to sea. She placed the other hand on her thigh and smiled broadly as if captivated by the view.

However, it was Diana's 514,000-strong fan base who were amazed by her flawless physique. They streamed to view the latest addition to her Instagram page and inundated her with likes and comments. While the majority simply showed their appreciation by posting flame, heart, or other emoji, others waxed lyrical about her beauty.

Diana regularly receives compliments about her smile. This time was no different and many took the time to talk about her wide-open grin.

"The most beautiful smile," one fan raved.

"Perfect honey and yes, your smile is everything," another follower complimented.

Diana's fans also waxed lyrical about her incredible body. One of her followers specifically mentioned her silhouette.

"The shape is so amazing," they gushed, referring Diana's sickle-shaped physique.