Hilaria Baldwin Talks Pregnancy, Hubby Alec’s 55th Birthday

Hilaria Baldwin’s pregnancy is at its midpoint, and the yoga instructor (née Thomas) and wife of star Alec Baldwin has been dishing about the baby and the excitement the newlyweds are experiencing.

Alec Baldwin and Hilaria have been married for less than a year, and NYC fitness guru, 28, is thrilled to become a first-time mom.

Mrs. Baldwin recently wrote an article about her pregnancy and yoga, telling fitness-focused moms about how to balance the two. Of her favorite “props and tools,” Hilaria says:

“I’m a big fan of Physique 57 [in New York City]. It’s ballet barre, I go nearly every day. They have these really big wedges, imagine a really big wedge of cheese, and I sleep on it, but it’s also great when I’m doing yoga because I can recline on my back but I’m at an angle where it’s safe for both me and the baby.”

She continues:

“I also use blocks a lot more than I did before. Even doing a normal vinyasa, like a sun salutation, I have blocks under my hands in downward-facing dog and chaturanga and upward-facing dog so I have a little bit more space. You kind of just have to take it a little bit slower, listen to your body and not push it. “

Aside from writing, Hilaria has been tweeting up a storm, both about pregnancy and last night’s festivities for her new husband’s birthday.

Over on Instagram, the yogini posted a few pics as well, telling followers:

“Ok… Here is the birthday wish for real! Until next year xoxo”


Below that, she posted pics of Alec with his birthday cake.

hilaria baldwin pregnancy

And Hilaria Baldwin’s most recent pregnancy update read:

The Baldwins’ new baby is due in the summer.