'General Hospital' Tuesday Spoilers: Families Gather For An Impromptu Wedding

A wedding is happening on General Hospital on Tuesday. It won't be one of those lavish soap weddings that fans love to see, but instead will be the quickie nuptials of Michael Corinthos and Willow Tait as they agree to marry for the sake of Wiley. The previews on Monday indicated that Michael's family will all be there to support him and his bride, despite knowing that they are only marrying to up their chances of keeping Nelle from gaining custody of Wiley.

The sneak peek reveals that Sonny, Carly, Josslyn, and Brook Lynn will definitely be gathering for the wedding. Ned, Olivia, and Monica may show up as well. The Corinthos family knows full well that Michael will do anything to keep his son away from Nelle, and marrying Willow seems to be the best option for him. Carly is totally on board with the situation. General Hospital spoilers by SheKnows Soaps say that she will admire Willow for all that she is doing for her son and grandson.

Carly also knows full well the sacrifice that Chase and Sasha made for the ones that they love. She discovered the truth when confronting Sasha last week, and she seems to understand all that is going on. Michael and Willow's impromptu wedding won't be much of a surprise for the Corinthos family, but the Quartermaines may question the event.

On Monday, Willow and Michael talked it all out on what's best for Wiley. After being prepped by Diane Miller to get ready for the custody hearing, they sat down to discuss a marriage without being in love. Michael pointed out that they would be a happy family because they love and respect each other as friends and their love for the little boy will be enough as well. Willow finally said yes.

However, things won't be quite as easy for Chase and Sasha. They are both having a hard time with what they did, despite knowing it was for the best to let Michael and Willow go.

Chase is struggling big time with not having the woman he is totally in love with in his life any longer. He has been comforted by his brother, Finn, and he will continue to do so on Tuesday's show. Carly is also expected to confront Chase this week.

Both Chase and Sasha will be seen on Tuesday's General Hospital as they will likely learn that their plan worked quite well. Michael and Willow will become husband and wife, and everyone is hoping that it will be enough to gain full custody of little Wiley.