'General Hospital' Spoilers: Sonny Continues To Struggle Letting His Dad Go

In between all of the drama surrounding Wiley's custody hearing and Cyrus Renault running free in Port Charles, General Hospital promises plenty of heartbreak for Sonny Corinthos. He has been bearing the burden of Mike's declining health for months now, and the time has come to make some agonizing decisions.

The weekly preview that was posted on social media revealed that Sonny is in torment over his dad. He obviously is not ready to let him go. He is heard in the preview questioning whether Mike really wants to die. A few days ago, Sonny tried to get his dad to let him know what to do, but all Mike could get out was "Yankees." So, the father and son watched a Yankees game together. Elizabeth had previously mentioned to Sonny about setting up a DNR and that has him fretting on what to do about that. Soap Central indicates that he will be distraught and it's likely because he just can't let go.

Mike is barely hanging on right now. He doesn't want to eat at all and just lays there in bed without moving. He can barely communicate and when he does, it's mainly just one word. It seems like he is ready to die, but Sonny isn't.

General Hospital spoilers for the May sweeps indicate that Sonny will be making a hard decision. However, the rest of the family may not be on board with it, whatever that may be. Will he decide to resuscitate his dad, if necessary, to keep him alive as long as possible?

Carly has been leaving the decisions up to Sonny as far as Mike's care goes, but she has gently been giving him some things to think about. She has been there for her husband and comforted him as things get tougher, but whatever he chooses to do may not go over well with her. However, she will likely try to support Sonny the best she can.

Mike's Alzheimer's journey is seemingly coming to an end very soon. General Hospital fans have loved seeing actor Max Gail bring the role of Mike Corbin to life and follow the painful times he has encountered through his diagnosis. He and Maurice Benard seemed to click as father and son from the day that the role of Mike was brought back to Port Charles. It has been quite a journey and fans will miss Max Gail when his scenes on General Hospital finally comes to an end.