Ariana James Flaunts Incredible Figure In Tight White Dress

Ariana James snaps a selfie.
Ariana James / Instagram

Ariana James took to Instagram to flaunt her fit physique in a tight white dress. The post was added to her page an hour ago, and it’s gotten her fans buzzing.

The new shot captured the Miami-based model posing in front of a mirror. She was photographed from behind, but her reflection ensured that every angle of her body was on full display. She gazed into the mirror with an alluring stare while stunning in a tiny white dress that did nothing but favors for her curvy figure.

The top of the dress boasted a plunging neckline that dipped deep into Ariana’s chest and left her decolletage completely bare. Its V-neckline showcased massive cleavage and her admirers definitely approved of the skin-baring display. Its thin spaghetti straps rested on her shoulders, and the back of the piece showed the straps crisscrossing and tying near her back.

The ensemble was constructed of white fabric and appeared to have a solid layer underneath a sheer, patterned layer that was on top. It was tight on every inch of Ariana’s body and helped accentuate her tiny waist and midsection. The front of the garment rested high on her thighs and showcased her strong stems. She held a blush pink blazer in one hand, and in her caption, she credited Yoins USA for her choice of attire, adding a link to their website as well.

Ariana didn’t add any accessories to her look, ensuring that all eyes were glued to her figure. She pulled her long, dark locks back with a deep middle part, as a few loose pieces fell around the frame of her face. From the back, fans were treated to a view of her picture-perfect braid. The hottie added a striking application of makeup that appeared to include eyeliner, mascara, and blush.

Ariana did not tag her location in the post but instead penned a heartfelt caption.

Fans have not been shy when it came to showing their appreciation for the new snapshot. In just an hour, the photo has been double-tapped over 48,000 times, and followers have also flooded the comments section with over 1,000 compliments.

“The best in all aspects… More like you in the world, please,” one Instagrammer gushed.

“What a beautiful message. Totally agree. It is good to have our idols, but not to compare ourselves but only with our ‘I’ of yesterday… And to improve ourselves!” a second fan stated.

A few more were left speechless and commented with their choice of emoji instead of words.