Brit Manuela Flashes Chiseled Abs While Soaking Up The Sun In An Impossibly Tiny Bandeau Bikini

Brit Manuela gazes at the camera as she takes a selfie photo.
Brit Manuela / Instagram

Brit Manuela started off the new week by treating her 919,000 Instagram followers to another tantalizing look at her sculpted physique.

The model took to her account on Monday afternoon to send temperatures soaring on her page with a steamy throwback video that has proved hard to be ignored. A geotag on the post indicated that it was taken in Los Angeles, California, where Brit was living up until a few months ago when she moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The clip only lasted a few seconds, but that was surely enough to get a few pulses racing. It was taken selfie-style as Brit soaked up the sun outside while lying across an orange-and-white striped towel — an activity she expressed a desire to do again in the caption of the stunning post.

Brit angled the camera to catch nearly a full-length look at her figure, which was clad in nothing more than an itty-bitty bikini that did way more showing than covering up. The set included a white bandeau-style top that was scrunched up across her chest to cover only what was necessary so as not to violate Instagram’s no-nudity platform. Plenty of cleavage and underboob was still left very much on display in the scandalous garment, though her followers hardly seemed bothered by the NSFW showing of skin.

Instead of the matching bikini bottoms, the model opted for a black pair that was equally-as risque as the top half of her look. The swimwear boasted a daringly high-cut design that showcased her sculpted thighs and curvy hips. Meanwhile, its thin waistband sat low on Brit’s hips, drawing attention to her flat midsection and chiseled abs.

Brit accessorized her barely-there look with a set of stud earrings and a thin chain necklace that wrapped high up on her neck. She styled her brunette tresses in an updo to keep them from falling in front of her face, which appeared to be free of any makeup, allowing her striking natural beauty to shine.

The short video fared extremely well with Brit’s army of fans, who have watched it more than 125,000 times in the four hours since it went live to her feed. It has also been awarded more than 27,000 likes, as well as dozens of comments and compliments.

“Body and tan goals,” one person wrote.

Another fan said that Brit was “looking so fine and gorgeous.”

“What’s it like to be so perfect? Asking for myself,” quipped a third admirer.

“Honestly. I cannot deal,” remarked a fourth fan, who added three flame emoji to further express their adoration for the upload.

This is hardly the first time that Brit has shown off her impressive bikini body on her Instagram page. Another recent post from the model saw her showing off her killer curves in a skimpy white two-piece that exposed her booty almost in its entirety. That look also fared well with fans, who have awarded the upload over 44,000 likes and 874 comments since going live.