May 11, 2020
Tyler Cameron Teases Current Status Of Relationship With 'The Bachelorette' Hannah Brown

Tyler Cameron was recently asked what the current state of his relationship is with former The Bachelorette star Hannah Brown. The two sparked romance rumors this spring when she spent some time with him at his mother's home in Florida. However, she's been with her family in Alabama for a while now, and the two have essentially left fans hanging regarding where things stand between them.

As viewers may know, Tyler was the runner-up last year on her season. After the finale, "Tannah" fans continued to hope they might find their way back to one another since she ultimately ended up single. When Tyler's mom died a few months ago, Hannah flew to Florida for the memorial service.

Not long after that, Hannah was back in the Sunshine State with Tyler. That time, she stayed for several weeks, and things seemingly got very flirty between the two Bachelorette stars. Unfortunately, she then went to Alabama to continue quarantining with her brother and parents, and she's remained with them ever since.

ET Online recently chatted with Tyler and tried to get the scoop on his renewed connection to Hannah.

"I think we should just keep that between me and Hannah," Tyler replied when asked where things stand between them now.

Both Hannah and Tyler have individually insisted they were single at various points since she was in Florida. However, they seem to remain on good terms and appeared to be fairly flirty in a recent Instagram live exchange.

In this recent chat with ET Online, Tyler acknowledged that Hannah hadn't planned on staying in Florida for as long as she did. The plan was for her to stick around for a weekend or so, but then, coronavirus issues prompted her to stick around and isolate with Tyler, his brother Ryan, and a group of their friends.

Hannah recently said that she feels ready to start dipping her toes into the dating pool again. As for Tyler, he says that right now his focus is on taking care of himself and those around him. He had been living in New York until his mother's sudden passing, and it seems he is now evaluating what he wants going forward.

"My first foundation I need to work on is myself and making sure everyone is straight around me and getting my career and my life in balance. And then hopefully someone else can help me balance my stuff a little bit," he said of his current focus and sense that he's not ready to start dating quite yet.

What's the real deal regarding the current status of Tyler and Hannah's relationship? His coy response about keeping the details between them could signal all sorts of different possibilities. The Bachelorette fans apparently won't be getting any clarity, one way or another, quite yet.