May 11, 2020
Jay Cutler Posts Sweet Mother's Day Message To Kristin Cavallari, Fans Question Who Controls His Instagram

Jay Cutler posted a sweet message about his estranged wife, Kristin Cavallari, two weeks after their headline-making divorce announcement.

As Kristin, 33, celebrated Mother's Day with the couple's kids, Camden, 7, Jaxon, 5, and Saylor, 4, a sweet photo of the foursome popped up on Jay's Instagram account.

In the photo, the Very Cavallari star is crouched down as she looks out at the ocean with her kids. As with all of the photos of the Cutler kids, their backs are to the camera and their faces are not shown.

In the caption to the pic, the former NFL star wished all moms a Happy Mother's Day then added that his three kids "picked a good one."

The sweet sentiment was enough to spark a major debate in the comments section to the post amid rumors that the exes' divorce and custody filings are getting nasty. When one Instagram commenter wrote that someone should "give Jay his Instagram," others accused Kristin of making the post herself.

Several commenters recalled that Kristin said in the past that she runs Jay's Instagram account because he doesn't like social media. Others accused the Uncommon James founder of trying to get ratings for her E! reality show.

"Kristin, babe, we know you run this account. Happy Mother's Day though," one commenter wrote.

"You all know Kristin/Kristin's team runs this account right? Hence why it's called 'If Jay had Instagram' because he doesn't have his own," another added.

"This is really gross. If Jay had Instagram...he wouldn't post this," a third fan wrote. "Tell your media team this post is insensitive and disrespectful to Jay."

Others wrote that the former Bears quarterback is totally in control of his Instagram now that he's separated from his wife of seven years. Some even praised Jay for taking the high road by posting a positive comment about his ex.

"I think he certainly would post it," one fan wrote. "She's the mother of his children and he's clearly recognizing that today."

Others pointed out that you can get a divorce and still respect the other person as a parent.

Jay and Kristin's divorce announcements started out with a chummy joint announcement on both of their Instagram pages, then reportedly got ugly days later amid disagreements about child custody and living arrangements.

According to the exes' custody agreement, Kristin and Jay will split the holidays with their children, with special Mother's Day and Father's Day weekend arrangements, per People, They will also alternate major holidays and breaks from school.