May 11, 2020
Elizabeth Hurley Stuns In Glamorous Throwback Snap, Teases She Hasn't Washed Her Hair In Weeks

Elizabeth Hurley is joking around about her quarantine life in her latest Instagram post. Like many people all over the world, the supermodel has been following social distancing guidelines in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, and she is getting honest about how she's navigating this downtime.

On Monday, Hurley shared a stunning throwback photo of herself on her Instagram page. She tagged both Vogue Espana and photographer Ellen von Unwerth in the caption, joking about how this isn't how she has been looking every day during the quarantine.

In the photo that Hurley shared, she wore a sleeveless red top or dress and had her brunette hair piled atop her head in an updo. A jeweled clip was fastened to the front of the updo as she wore her long bangs swept to either side of her face.

Hurley held an old-school rotary phone handset up to her ear. She gazed toward the camera with a sultry expression on her face. Very little context regarding the background or setting of this snap could be determined, given the close crop and the focus on Hurley's extravagant style.

In addition to noting that this is not how she looks every day during quarantine, Hurley added a couple of fun hashtags. In the first, she quipped that she hasn't washed her hair in weeks. In the second, she jokingly asked what makeup is, signaling that she hasn't been using any these days. It sounds as if the supermodel has been embracing this time of lying low and not having to primp for anybody.

Hurley's fans loved this gorgeous throwback snap. She didn't note exactly when this photograph was taken, but it does appear to have been from quite a few years ago. Granted, the 54-year-old model and swimwear designer still looks ageless, and it can be hard to tell at times how long ago some of her throwbacks were taken.

"And I bet u still look dynamic," commented one fan who suspects her quarantine style is still quite amazing.

"Looooove this so much!!!!" wrote fashion stylist Ann Caruso.

"Well in my mind this is how you look all the time," teased a follower.

"Oh wow. You are stunning," praised someone else.

The supermodel has been posting fairly frequently on her Instagram page over the past couple of months of social distancing. Many of the uploads appear to be recent snaps, showing just how gorgeous she remains at the present. The glamorous look in this new upload may not be how Hurley lives day-to-day at this point in her life, but she certainly showed her followers that her beauty defies the laws of time.