Ashley Resch Ditches Her Panties For A Sexy Pic: 'On That Get Thicc Diet'

Ashley Resch kicked off the new week by stunning her fans with a jaw-dropping new pic shared to her Instagram page. The image showed the model naked from the waist down and wearing only a thin T-shirt on her upper half.

Ashley posed for the photograph by getting into a lunge position on a comfortable-looking charcoal couch. She kneeled on one leg while stretching the other in front of her and pressing her pointed toes into the sofa. She relaxed her hand along the length of her thigh and turned to look at the camera, flashing an intent gaze.

The sexy pose cleverly hid Ashley's nether regions from view but allowed her fans an uninterrupted look at her peachy booty since she opted out of wearing any panties for the snapshot. Her positioning also allowed her to showcase the silhouette of her breasts, her shapely legs, and her muscular thighs. Many of her tattoos were visible, including the ones on her right leg, arm, ribcage, and thigh.

The model's cropped tee sported ruffled hemlines that flattered her stomach. It also looked like it may have had something printed on the front, but since her upper body was shot in profile, it wasn't visible to the camera.

Ashley left her naturally curly blond hair loose for the pic. A thick tendril dangled into her face, adding a sultry vibe to the image. It looked like she applied a light layer of makeup that included bright red lipstick to make her lips stand out, as well as winged eyeliner for her almond-shaped eyes. As a final touch, it seemed that the beauty had carefully sculpted her brows.

She tagged her photographer Serene Zena in her caption, along with the Instagram page for her health and wellness brand.

Within 30 minutes of posting, Ashley's picture racked up more than 3,800 likes and almost 100 comments.

"Hello sweetheart you are absolutely gorgeous you are beyond words really," gushed one fan, emphasizing their point with a slew of adoring emoji.

"Your such a beautiful beast, if that makes any sense," raved another admirer.

"You have a great perfect body," said a third Instagram user, trailing their remark with a red heart, tulip, and two flame emoji.

"Sexy shoot," chimed in a fourth fan.

Last week, Ashley flaunted her incredible derrière in a sexy double-photo update that showed her posing in a bodysuit while alternating through various poses on a bed.