Kelly Ripa Is On Week 8 Of ‘Root Watch’ & Her Grays Are Going Strong

Craig BarrittGetty Images

Kelly Ripa has been part of a growing trend on Instagram called “#rootwatch,” where everyday people and celebrities alike are showing off their roots as they grow in. Like almost everyone else, Ripa has been unable to touch up her iconic blond locks due to the restrictions put in place to help combat the coronavirus pandemic. The Live with Kelly and Ryan co-host took to her Instagram stories on Monday to post an update on her own roots, showing off her gray hair.

The post is an update from one she shared seven weeks ago. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Ripa took to her Instagram stories the night before she was to start remotely broadcasting Live to show off her roots, as they had already begun to make an appearance. In that photo, she appeared to have just come out of the shower and pressed her wet hair against her scalp in a severe part to show off the roots. She drew an arrow on the photo to point out the barely visible roots and stated she was starting her “#rootwatch.”

For her most recent story post, the actress didn’t have to try so hard to show off her hair’s natural color. For Week 8, Ripa uploaded what appeared to be another post-shower shot, this time focusing more on her hair as her body couldn’t be seen. Instead of parting her hair in the middle, she pushed it back from the front so it swept over her head and presumably down her back, though the length wasn’t entirely visible in the shot.

The closeup showed a clear view of her iPhone and her blemish-free forehead, along with what looked to be gray strands of hair that almost appeared to be white. As her roots were easy to see, she seemingly did not feel the need to add an arrow indicating her growth this time around.

She did include a moving sticker with the image, however. Along with the hashtag, the word “nope” could be seen hovering over her forehead. The bright pink word tilted up and down and stretched out with a sort of 3-D effect as it did so.

The amount of growth seemingly isn’t a big deal for the star, considering she stated she had run out of her root touchup spray almost two weeks ago. She joked about her new hair color on Live while speaking alongside her co-host Ryan Seacrest and her husband, Mark Consuelos. For his part, Consuelos stated he liked the gray look and was looking forward to the day when Ripa ditched the dye and embraced her natural hair color.