May 11, 2020
Nick Cordero Starting To Follow Commands, Trying To Wake Up After More Than A Month In ICU With Coronavirus

Actor and singer Nick Cordero has been in the ICU at Cedars-Sinai in a coma due to the novel coronavirus since late March. In a series of new Instagram story updates, Nick's wife Amanda Kloots shares the latest on her husband's condition and she has some fantastic news to share.

Last week, Amanda shared that Nick was starting to show very small, early signs that he was trying to wake up. These tiny steps forward were significant enough to celebrate, but Amanda noted that she was trying to remain cautious and remember that there was a lot that still needed to happen in order for Nick to return home.

In her latest Instagram story updates on Sunday and Monday, Amanda shared that the doctors have confirmed that Nick is truly making forward progress.

On Sunday, Amanda shared that she had done a FaceTime with Nick. While he is not entirely awake or alert yet, Amanda said that he was trying to follow commands from her. She asked him to look up and then look down, and he did both of those. She noted that this was an incredible Mother's Day gift for her.

After that FaceTime success, Amanda acknowledged that she was trying not to get too excited yet. Despite trying to remain constrained, she was clearly thrilled that Nick was able to hear her and follow commands from her.

On Monday morning, Amanda had more updates to share. She said that one of the doctors has been able to confirm that Nick is starting to follow commands.

Nick is extremely weak and is making very slow progress, Amanda says. However, the doctor could see that Nick is trying to wake up and follow commands, and he is starting to register what he is hearing. Given all he has been through, it is understandable that Amanda feels that this progress is a huge blessing.

Despite this forward progress, Nick's condition remains quite serious. His lungs have sustained a lot of damage and the medical team is cleaning his lungs every day to try to keep them as clear as possible. The next big goals include getting Nick off of both dialysis and the ventilator help he continues to need with his tracheotomy tube.

Even with all of that, for now, Amanda is celebrating what she says is the best news ever. In an Instagram post over the weekend, she shared the last photo that was taken of her with Nick and their son Elvis before the hospitalization.

Amanda went into great detail about all that Nick has been through since being hospitalized on March 30, revealing more difficulties than she had previously shared in her day-to-day updates.

Nick and Amanda have a lot of people rallying for him to wake up and win this battle against coronavirus. He has been making real progress since getting his trach tube last week and fans will be anxious to see what he can accomplish during the coming week.