May 11, 2020
'General Hospital' Weekly Spoilers: Nelle Appears To Be Missing As The Custody Court Hearing Begins

A new General Hospital sneak peek for the week of May 11 is out and spoilers tease that the courtroom battle over Wiley will be jam-packed with drama. Many key Port Charles residents will gather in court for the beginning of this hearing, but it turns out that Nelle Benson won't initially be there.

The preview shared Monday morning on Twitter sets the scene. Nelle knows that she has to figure out some way to counter Michael's efforts to get sole custody of Wiley. Michael and Willow will get married this week to try and gain an edge over Nelle, and she will talk with Martin about having to find some kind of powerful countermove.

General Hospital spoilers have revealed that Nelle will learn about Julian's antics in tampering with Brad's car and she'll use this as leverage to help her in this custody battle. It seems that she will be successful in pressuring Julian to go along with her plan, but it also appears that she will keep this upcoming development under wraps from Michael.

In the sneak peek, Diane is shown telling Willow and Michael that stripping a mother of her custodial rights is a significant challenge. The trio has discussed this extensively, but they feel confident that they have done everything they can to bolster their case.

As the hearing is called to order and everybody rises for the judge, one key person will be missing. Diane will be standing next to Willow and Michael, Carly standing behind them. However, on the other side, only Martin is there.

Willow will turn to Michael, a confused look on her face, and ask where Nelle is. General Hospital spoilers tease that Nelle will appear, and she'll do it with a flourish.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Thursday's show will feature Nelle making a grand entrance of some sort. That teaser seemed to reference Nelle's arrival at the court hearing, and this new preview appears to align with that.

What is it that Nelle does as she enters the courtroom that comes as such a shocker? The buzz is that she may force Julian to marry her, and thus she could be entering the courtroom with her new husband on her arm.

Some might say it seems it'll be a significant challenge to convince anybody that this marriage is legitimate and that Julian helps her case. Whatever it is that Nelle has planned, General Hospital spoilers suggest that it will carry over into the episode airing on Monday, May 18. At that point, Nelle will have a big announcement to make.

Nelle went big and bold in revealing that she had married Shiloh before he died. Given that, it seems like a no-brainer that she would do something excessive to announce a marriage with Julian if that's where this is headed. The next couple of weeks will show the court hearing play out, with Carly's credibility being questioned and a stellar performance from Nelle.

Will Nelle get custody of Wiley? General Hospital spoilers have been hinting that she might, and this big moment with a grand entrance coming later this week could be proof of her success.