‘Playboy’ Model Leanna Decker Stuns In Gingham Bikini While Swimming In The Ocean

Leanna DeckerInstagram

Leanna Decker took to the water in her most recent Instagram update. She gave off water nymph vibes as she swam in the ocean and had her fans flocking to view her offering.

The model shared a post with a video clip and three stunning photos. All the pics are taken at the beach and feature the relaxed, carefree redhead letting down her hair.

Leanna wore a bright gingham bikini in warm tones such as yellow, orange, and dark red. Of course, these particular shades complemented her skin tone and hair since she is a ginger-haired model with blue eyes.

The former Playboy model looked sensational in the string bikini that barely contained her assets. Leanna displayed her voluptuous cleavage in the bikini that seemed just a tad too small for her. She paired the top with its matching thong. She flaunted her curves as she enjoyed her time at the beach as if she did not have a care in the world.

The video clip shows Leanna swimming in the clear seawater. She dives in and swims beneath the water before coming up. She then wipes the water from her face and smiles at the camera. Leanna then turned her back to the camera and continued to swim deeper into the ocean.

The following snap shows Leanna floating on her back. She turned her face to the sun as if she was soaking up the rays and stretched out her arms to receive its warmth. The sea dominated this pic and Leanna was dwarfed by nature’s beauty and expanse.

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Leanna’s third photo shows her sitting in the sand and letting the foamy surf wash over her legs. The model’s red hair drips over her back as she exposes her toned backside in the thong. Leanna looked downward as she played with the sand and water.

The 28-year-old treated her fans to a close-up in the final image. Leanna looked chic in a Panama straw fedora hat and the gingham bikini. Although it was a profile shot, Leanna turned her head to face the camera.

Leanna has a solid following of over 700,000 followers. Many of them raced to see her new post, with over 15,000 fans hitting the “like” button. Others waxed lyrical in the comments section.

“Stunningly beautiful…. oh so is the scenery,” one fan complimented Leanna.

Another also raved about her looks and also expressed his concern about her safety.

“Looking beautiful as ever Leanna, hope you are well and safe,” they said.

A third Instagram user was particularly excited by the post.

“Wow! This just made my day!” they raved.