Rachael Ray Shares Life Lessons And Rare Photo Of Mom Elsa

Lucille Barilla

Rachael Ray shared a rare photo of mom Elsa as well as some important life lessons she has been taught from the most important woman in her life via a sweet Instagram post for Mother's Day. The cook and talk show host used her social media platform as a way to thank Elsa for the way she has shown her to embrace life. She also thanked her for life lessons that can only be learned via hard work.

In the caption of the photo share, Rachael explained that her mother shared some very important information about how to live life as an authentic person. Elsa valued hard work, service for others, and love and respect from her children, which include Rachael and her sister Maria. These life lessons have served Rachael well throughout her years in the public eye. They have taught her to be humble for her blessings and give back to her community via her celebrity platform with organizations geared toward assisting both children and animals.

Rachael has long credited her mother for her hard work ethic in her cookbooks and on her talk show. In her newest tome Rachael Ray 50: Memories and Meals from a Sweet and Savory Life, she explains in a chapter titled "The Girl with the Ice Cream Boobs" that she wanted to emulate her mother in every way growing up, following her into the restaurant business at the young age of 14 as an ice cream girl at a local Howard Johnson's restaurant.

"She could expedite food for ten to twelve busloads of tourists, a cloth draped around her to protect her clothes, pulling plates and shouting orders. To me, she looked like the Statue of Liberty come to life, a beacon in the chaos guiding her team to shore and back to order," she shared in the book.

The women share a close relationship, which is evidenced in a rare photo the talk show host and Food Network star shared with her 917,000 Instagram users on Mother's Day.

Elsa is seated to her daughter's left and is also dressed to the nines. She is wearing a dark-colored long dress and a coordinating cover-up with flower embellishments on the collar. Elsa is smiling for the camera as she holds her daughter's left hand.