Tiffany Trump Just Completed Final Law School Exam, Marla Maples Gushes On Instagram

Astrid StawiarzGetty Images

Marla Maples recently revealed that she received the “best Mother’s Day gift of all.” Her daughter, Tiffany Trump, just finished her final law school exam, and Marla was in the mood for celebrating.

Marla bragged about her only child on Sunday, May 10. The mother of one has every reason to be proud as she took to Instagram over the weekend. Tiffany applied herself to her law school studies and achieved what she set out to do. Despite setbacks, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, Tiffany pushed through and completed her exams.

Yet, that wasn’t the only reason Marla was brimming with pride. Tiffany spoiled Marla on Mother’s Day with a bouquet of flowers and dinner. She sent her mother a beautiful floral arrangement of pink and red roses. The flowers were accompanied by a note that read, “Happy Mother’s Day Mom! I love you so much and wish that we could be together!” The note goes on to say that she can’t believe that she just finished law school. It appears as if Marla and Tiffany did not spend Mother’s Day together, but she wanted to do something special for her mother anyway.

Marla plopped the blooms in a clear jug of water. Next to the rose bouquet, an indoor plant added some greenery to the scene. On the right side of the vase, a white couch and shaggy white cushion blended in seamlessly. One could also see the magnificent view in the background through two large windows, a cityscape of tall skyscrapers and lights that twinkled on the horizon. A lantern hung in one of the windows, drawing you to the scene beyond.

However, Marla also thanked Tiffany for the “most divine gift.” She went on to say that being Tiffany’s mother was the greatest blessing of her life. Marla was grateful that she had her daughter in her life. It appears as if Marla was actually thankful for three things on Mother’s Day this year: her daughter’s academic achievements, the gifts, and that she had Tiffany in her life.

The previous day, Marla posted a throwback snap of herself. In the pic, she was sitting on a rock at the beach while looking at the waves. The 56-year-old quoted Eleanor Roosevelt in the caption.

“With the new day comes new your strength and new thoughts.”

It appears as if a new day has dawned for Tiffany and that Marla will be right alongside her daughter to help her through the next phase of her life.