May 11, 2020
WWE News: Former Superstar Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Woman And Threatening Her Son

According to News 4 San Antonio, former WWE superstar Jose A. Rodriguez Chucuan, aka Alberto Del Rio, was arrested in San Antonio, Texas on Saturday and charged with sexual assault. The incident is alleged to have taken place on May 3.

The unnamed victim told investigators that the former WWE superstar assaulted her on more than one occasion. In regard to the latest incident, the victim alleges that Chucuan slapped her several times after accusing her of being unfaithful to him.

She also claims that he asked her to put on a dress and dance for him. When she refused him, Chucuan threatened to take her son and "drop him in the middle of the road somewhere."

Police have stated that Del Rio allegedly bound the woman's hands with boxing straps and gagged her with a sock while he abused her for several hours with various objects. The report also states that he punched her and put his hands around her throat.

The woman told detectives that she doesn't remember all of the details, but she did provide photographs which show her injuries. Investigators have also stated that the woman has visible injuries from Chucuan punching her during the assault.

Chucuan's bond was set at $50,000, which he has since paid. He was released from jail around 3:30 a.m. on Sunday and the investigation is still ongoing. Neither Chucuan nor his legal representatives has released a statement on the matter at the time of this writing.

While this incident marks the first time that the former WWE superstar has been accused of sexual assault, he does have a history of allegedly behaving aggressively toward women. As documented by Bleacher Report, Chucuan was involved in an argument with ex-girlfriend Paige in 2017 at Orlando International Airport. In audio obtained from the dispute, Paige can be heard saying "just stay out of my life" and "leave me the f*ck alone."

Paige subsequently released a statement claiming that Chucuan never touched her, but it didn't present him in the most flattering light either. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Vince McMahon has reportedly blacklisted the former superstar. The belief is that the WWE chairman doesn't want Chucuan back in the company following all of his bad publicity in recent years.

Chucuan left the WWE in 2014 and has continued to wrestle under the name Alberto El Patrón in promotions such as Impact Wrestling, Lucha Underground and Ring of Honor. He also returned to MMA after becoming the president of Combate Americas in 2016.