Lana Rhoades Wears Pink Strappy Lingerie: ‘I Can Be Your Mommy’

Ethan MillerGetty Images

Lana Rhoades shared a sexy photo of herself to Instagram wearing an intricate pink strappy outfit with matching shoes for Mother’s Day. With close to 1 million “likes,” it seemed like her followers appreciated the holiday sentiment.

In the image, Lana sat in front of a light pink background. The pose showed off her shapely shoulders and curvaceous legs. She wore a darker pink pair of high-heeled sandals that went up to her thighs with intricate pink straps that showed off plenty of skin. She also wore a similar garment as lingerie, but the way she posed with her knee crossed obscured much of the outfit, making it difficult to see its exact design. The model wore her highlighted brunette hair in soft curls from a center part, and they cascaded over her shoulders and onto her ample chest.

It looked like the Playboy model used blush to accent her cheekbones, and she highlighted her eyes with what looked like a bit of makeup framed by thick dark eyebrows as she stared straight into the camera’s lens. Lana’s full lips might have had a small light-colored tint. It looked like she left her toenails and fingernails bare. She didn’t seem to have anything else to accessorize the outfit.

In the caption, Lana wrote that she’s a Fashion Nova partner, and she wished her followers a happy Mother’s Day. She also made a cheeky comment about being their mommy if they needed one. It looked like Instagrammers appreciated the sexy share with more than 914,000 hitting the “like” button. Plus, nearly 4,500 took the time to leave a comment for the model. The flame emoji featured heavily as people indicated that they thought the look was hot, and plenty of mom, stepmom, and stepsister jokes also showed up in the replies.

“Hi, this looks awesome! Love your awesome pic,” wrote one devotee of the model.

“You could be my stepmom instead,” a second fan teased.

“Relax the mommy jokes Lana it’s Mother’s Day,” reprimanded a third person who didn’t think that Lana’s teasing was appropriate given the occasion.

“Really confused about what’s in the middle of her right thigh,” a fourth person wondered, including a laughing crying smiley.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Lana showed off her hourglass figure in an open black leather cropped jacket, which she paired with sheer black panties. She stood in front of greenery, and the outfit she wore was also from Fashion Nova.