Woman Who Accused Joe Biden Of Inappropriate Touching Supports Presidential Run, Calls Him ‘Obvious Choice’

Spencer PlattGetty Images

A former congressional staffer who last year came forward to accuse Joe Biden of inappropriate touching says she supports the former vice president’s run for president and believes he is the “obvious choice” in the race.

Amy Lappos was one of a number of women who accused Biden of unwanted touching, though not in a sexual manner. Lappos spoke to Hearst Connecticut Media this week, as reported by Connecticut Post, saying she did not agree with people trying to weaponize her story into an attack against Biden and pushing back against those who have sent abusive messages claiming she is protecting Biden.

The 44-year-old said she began facing online attacks after tweeting an interview with former Senate staffer Tara Reade, who accused Biden of sexual assault in a 1993 incident. Lappos said some commenters accused her of withholding her own story because she supports Biden’s presidential bid, a charge she denies. Lappos has insisted that she was not sexually harassed or assaulted by Biden.

“I want to make sure that the message I tried to send last year about bodily autonomy and survivorship — I wanted to make sure that that story is preserved,” Lappos told the outlet. “And I don’t want to be weaponized. I support Joe Biden right now.”

Biden had responded to the claims of inappropriate touching last year, saying that he always tried to create a human connection with others and often shook hands and grabbed men and women by the shoulder — though recognized that this crossed lines. He vowed to change the behavior.

But the former vice president has categorically denied the allegation from Reade, saying the incident of sexual assault that she described never happened.

Lappos added that she believes and supports Reade, though is skeptical of some of the details of her story. The Connecticut woman, who said she was also the victim of an unrelated incident of sexual violence, added that she would not be joining others in “bashing” Reade as she believes that her story comes “from a place of trauma.”

Lappos has also remained firm in her support of Biden, even if he was not her first choice in the Democratic primary.

“Did I want to end up with Joe Biden, two white males in the election? Not really. I don’t see it being so progressive,” said Lappos. “However, Joe Biden is the obvious choice to beat [President Donald] Trump right now and therefore, I support him.”