Unemployed Advertising Copywriter Turns Himself Into An Infomercial [Video]

James Johnson

Are you looking for your company's next advertising copyrighter, designer, or producer? Perhaps you should check out the "All-In-One Adman."

An advertiser in Chicago has been unemployed for the last six months and to remedy his job situation he has created one of the most inventive online resumes we have seen in recent memory.

On his website Allinoneadman.com the advertiser literally becomes the product featured within a mock infomercial.

The actual page featuring the video (pictured above) looks like the type of website we would expect to see on one of those 'as seen on TV' websites, right down to the subtle and not-so-subtle touches of humor. For example, you can hire the all-in-one Adman for just $19.99 + $99k shipping and handling.

I personally like the "Lifetime Warranty" claim, which comes with the warning that the all-in-one Adman may not live past the age of 40.

The all-in-one Adman isn't just some fly by night advertiser either. On his resume page, his impressive line of work is displayed. It turns out the Chicago native has worked on campaigns for State Farm, Harley-Davidson, SC Johnson, PNC, and various other major corporations.

Here is the main video from the all-in-one Adman website:

On his other pages, the all-in-one Adman has his infomercial spokesman pitch him further. Here is a second video from the video based resume:

We have seen some really creative job resumes in the last year. There was the guy who used Google Adwords to find a job and then the guy who turned himself into an Amazon product page. The All-In-One Adman has taken the premise of interactive resumes to a whole new level.

So what do you think: Does the All-In-One Adman have what it takes to join your company's advertising team?