Laci Kay Somers Poses In A Lacy Bodysuit

Laci Kay Somers' latest Instagram story featured the model wearing a black lace bodysuit that showed off some serious skin. She posted the Boomerang video on Sunday, May 10, much to the delight of her 10.7 million Instagram followers.

Laci looked intensely at her phone in the short selfie clip, her gaze never wavering. The full body shot captured her entire outfit, including the sweatpants she wore dangerously low on her legs. As Laci held her phone with one hand — the case emblazoned with what appeared to be a photo of herself — her other hand tugged at the ends of her hair.

She stood tall, shifting her weight from leg to leg as the video played, her hips swaying. Laci tilted her head back and forth slightly in the video.

The black bodysuit featured slightly scalloped edges along the cups. It was sheer with floral, lacy patterns. The one-piece barely contained her voluptuous bust and ample cleavage, which nearly spilled out of the tiny ensemble. The bodysuit rode up high on her hips, showing off her hourglass physique.

Laci paired the sexy one-piece with heather gray sweatpants with a drawstring waistband. The sweats hung low off her hips, giving her viewers a better look at the bodysuit portion of the ensemble.

She wore a diamond band on her middle finger, and her nails were done in a French manicure.

Laci wore her icy blond-gray locks in a long, loose braid. Her voluminous tresses cascaded down one shoulder in the low ponytail, which was tied together with a khaki-colored scrunchie. Her hair was slightly parted on the side, and several strands escaped the braid. As her hair tumbled down, her locks transitioned from a platinum blond by her roots to a silver where her curls ended, giving a hint of an ombre effect.

Her brown brows arched high over her arctic blue eyes. She appeared to wear a pink shimmer shadow on her lids, which seemed to be swiped with black liner. Her feathery lashes curled up and fanned outward. Her waterline appeared to be filled in with kohl eyeliner. Her lower lashes looked like they were coated with black mascara.

Laci's cheekbones appeared contoured and brushed with bronzer, making her cheekbones pop. Her plump pout seemed to be painted a rosy pink shade.

As her fans know, the model often shares racy pictures and videos of herself on her Instagram grid and Instagram story. One of her most recent shares featured her showing off her ample assets in an unbuttoned denim vest.