Ireland Baldwin Shows Off Cleavage In A New Instagram Update

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Ireland Baldwin shared two new Instagram updates to her feed yesterday, and one was a photo of herself in a small tank top. The model posed in such a way that left her cleavage on show, and she added an interesting filter to the image and made it into a video.

The video filter added a blue tint to the picture and gave it a fuzzy, analog-inspired look with artifacts and writing that read “Lipservice” on the top left.

In the snap, Ireland leaned forward and propped herself up on her elbows as she gazed directly at the camera with a big pout. Her top appeared to be a dark green color and it had thin straps and a low scoop neckline.

She wore her hair in a low bun or ponytail with stray pieces of her bangs framing her face. Her makeup application seemed to include bright red lipstick and mascara.

Her pose also left her arm tattoos on show, with her geometric piece taking up most of her arm and her David Bowie tribute piece visible toward the top. Moreover, it didn’t look like she wore any accessories.

Ireland was photographed inside a white room with round modern lighting hanging from the ceiling. Behind her was a floor-to-ceiling mirror that was propped up against the wall.

As the video clip began, the circular record button blinked and there were small glitches that occurred in different parts of the frame. There were small specks that flickered and horizontal lines moved up and down.

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So far, the post has garnered over 29,800 likes, and many people took to the comments section with their positive reactions.

“Yowzers!!!!!! Hi from across the pond in London,” raved a supporter.

“I dig the tats,” observed a second admirer.

“So glad you have your Mom’s DNA. You’re both incredibly beautiful,” gushed a third social media user.

“Stone cold fox. But i mean you seem actually like a sweet girl,” wrote another follower.

In addition, the model showed off her figure in a mustard yellow bikini and posed in a dining room in a post from four days ago. In the first picture of that series, she sat with her back facing the camera on the far end of the table. She glanced to her left and placed her hands in front of her. This angle emphasized her high-cut bikini bottoms and gave her followers a glimpse of the well-decorated room.