Demi Rose Sizzles In A Tiny Embellished Bikini

Gareth CattermoleGetty Images

Demi Rose posed in a tiny two-piece in two of her latest Instagram story photos, wearing a gold bikini speckled with embellishments. Demi shared the throwback images on her account on Sunday, May 10, much to the delight of her 14 million followers.

The string bikini was divided into two pieces: a triangle-cupped top and a minuscule bottom that just about covered Demi’s NSFW parts. Demi’s voluptuous bust and ample cleavage almost spilled out of the top, which rode up slightly high on her chest, showing just a hint of underboob. Her tanned and toned midriff was on full display.

The bikini bottoms were cut dangerously low, with the strings high and tied into bows on her hips. The skimpy golden bikini accentuated her hourglass physique and her sun-kissed skin.

In the first image, Demi looked downwards, with her mouth slightly ajar. One arm was bent at the elbow and her other hand was touching her temple and grazing her hair. Her other arm rested against the side of her body.

The second picture was taken from the side, which only served to emphasize Demi’s assets. She stood tall and arched her shoulders back. Her arms were sculpted, and her hands touched her thighs. She puffed out her chest, amplifying her bust. The more her chest stuck out, the more narrow her abdomen appeared. Her enviable abs were captured from this angle. In this shot, Demi gazed downward with sultry, bedroom eyes.

Her nails were lacquered with a light pink polish.

Demi’s hair was parted on the side and appeared slightly damp. Her chocolate waves tumbled down her back and shoulder, curving around her bust and falling just below the bikini top. Her locks glimmered in the light, flashing a more auburn hue.

Demi appeared to wear a full face of makeup, starting with her dark brows, which seemed to be shaped and groomed. They arched high over her honey brown eyes.

Her lids looked done up in a smoky eye, with what seemed to be a gray shadow transitioning into a darker charcoal that winged out. She appeared to wear a swipe of kohl liner on her lids. Her feathery lashes fanned out and curled upwards. Her waterline appeared rimmed with dark eyeliner.

The apples of her cheeks looked contoured and brushed with highlighter and bronzer, making her cheekbones pop. She appeared to wear a nude matte shade on her plump pout.

This photo shoot looked seriously similar to another picture Demi shared on her Instagram story, this one featuring the model in a different gold bikini.