Collin Gosselin Pays Tribute To His Father’s Girlfriend On Mother’s Day Rather Than Kate Gosselin

Frederick M. Brown Getty Images

Collin Gosselin took to Instagram on Sunday, May 10, to make a post in honor of Mother’s Day. However, instead of paying tribute to his birth mother Kate Gosselin, he honored his father Jon Gosselin’s longtime girlfriend, Colleen Conrad. In the sweet post, the 16-year-old gushed with gratitude for Conrad who he says stepped up as the new mother figure in his life, according to Us Weekly.

In the photo, Collin smiles while he puts an arm around Conrad, whom his father has been dating since 2015. Throughout his emotional caption, Collin made it clear that he no longer views his birth mother Kate as a motherly figure but rather looks to Conrad for guidance.

“Turns out today is Mother’s Day, today we pay love forward to our mothers, but I don’t think mother can describe all the things Colleen has done for me. Yes a mother clothes her children and cooks for them but it’s the best feeling when your mother or mother figure is one of your best friends and always has your back, the one who always shares that laugh of the humor only you guys get. I could call it Mother’s Day, but it’s more than that, Colleen, you are so much more than a mother to me, you are one of my guidelines and one of my guiding lights.”

Collin concluded by listing off the many positive characteristics that Conrad possesses that he is grateful for and expressed his love for her. Shortly after Collin shared the photo, he changed his Instagram account to private. However, he did not make the change before screenshots of the post began circulating publicly online. The 16-year-old has more than 9,000 followers on the platform.

Collin’s relationship with his father and Conrad has grown stronger in recent years because he moved in with them full time in 2018 after begging Jon to get him out of a special needs boarding school that Kate had sent him to. His sister Hannah also lives full time with her father. The rest of the sextuplets, which include Leah, Joel, Alexis and Aaden, still live with Kate. Their older sisters Cara and Maddy also live with Kate when they are not away at college.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, this is not the first time that Collin has seemed to publicly shade his mother. In April, he also wrote a kind and praise-filled note on social media in honor of his father for his birthday. However, he wrote no such note for Kate.