Katya Henry Puts Her Booty On Show In A Nude Thong Bodysuit

Katya HenryInstagram

Katya Henry is known to show off her curvy figure on her Instagram feed, and her newest share was one of the boldest posts as of late. In the sultry photo from today, she put her derrière on display and rocked a small, nude bodysuit for the occasion.

The model stood with her back facing the camera and her hands raised as she tugged at her ponytail. She glanced into the distance ahead of her and her pose made it hard to miss her figure.

Her bodysuit was only visible from the back, but it showed that it had thick straps and a super-low cut in the back. The color of the ensemble contrasted well against her tanned skin.

Her accessories were also visible, and she sported a sparkling bracelet on her right wrist and multiple rings on her hands.

Katya posed indoors in a loft space, and behind her was a dining room table with plush chairs. Further beyond that was a full-length mirror that leaned against the wall that offered a reflection of the kitchen.

The back wall was lit up by a hot pink tone and natural light entered the room from the left side of the frame.

The photo has garnered a lot of attention in the first hour since it went live with more than 113,000 likes so far.

In the comments section, her followers praised her figure and reacted to the eye-catching image.

“Forever fitness queen,” declared a social media user.

“I love your house layout,” observed a second fan.

“@katyaelisehenry omg you are so perfect!” exclaimed another devotee.

Moreover, Katya slammed a troll that poked fun at her choice to call herself a “boss b*tch” in the caption.

“A boss? You’re just another fitness grifter,” wrote a social media user, punctuating their sentence with a rolling on the floor laughing and face with tears of joy emoji.

“Who runs a multi million dollar business. I know.. what a legend,” responded Katya in fitting fashion as she had been promoting her fitness business in the post.

In addition, Katya shared another update earlier today, that time opting to send her mom her love for Mother’s Day. There was a video and a photo in the set, and in the former, she danced with her mom in a shallow, infinity pool. They both rocked bikinis and hats. In the next image, the duo was seen hugging each other tightly and smiling with their lips closed. They wore casual workout gear in black, white, and gray.