Joselyn Cano's Assets Make A Major Splash In Poolside Bikini Pic

Where swimwear is concerned, model, fashion designer and social media star Joselyn Cano always manages to provide the sizzle on her popular Instagram feed. The 29-year-old IG maven proved as much once again on May 10 when she posted a steamy poolside picture for all of her nearly 12 million followers on the platform to enjoy.

And while her youthful and picturesque face is barely visible in the rear-view shot, Cano clearly has other assets working in her favor as a skimpy, black bikini acts as a mere suggestion of coverage for her flawless, olive-toned skin and dangerous curves.

No caption was needed, either -- this pic is worth at least 1,000 words.

In her latest offering, Cano is sitting on the ledge of a large pool with her lower legs in the water and largely obscured from the camera's view. Her hands are resting at her sides on the ledge and her face is slightly turned to the left in the backside shot.

While her long, dark hair covers the brunt of her spine, it falls short of covering Joselyn's curved, thick bottom half. A thin piece of black fabric from her bikini bottom is stretched across the small of her back and hugging her narrow waist just above her prominent hips. The largest patch of fabric careens downward between her cheeks but fails fantastically at concealing them.

However, Cano's admirers are clearly in favor of this latest hind-quarter exposé. Within one hour of its posting, the photo pinged Cano's notification bell to the tune of nearly 80,000 likes. Meanwhile, her sinuous figure and beautiful caboose inspired more than 1,500 comments.

"So big and juicy," deadpanned one admirer, clearly taken by Cano's proverbial bottom line.

"Que culo tan bello Joselyn," opined one commenter, essentially confirming to Cano that her backside is a thing of beauty in Spanish.

"You're so so sweet, so unbelievably gorgeous," commented another, while adding the requisite heart emoji.

Cano, who launched her own clothing line -- Joselyn Cano Swimwear -- in 2018, clearly knows how to use a bikini to accentuate her own natural beauty and curves. Her Instagram feed has been a boon for those looking to see her looking sultry by the pool, at the beach or, well...anywhere, really. On May 2, she showed off her famous curves to incredible effect while wearing a very revealing black bodysuit.

That post, which offered fans a much better look at her front side and gorgeous face, similarly blew up on IG, racking up more than 200,000 likes.