May 10, 2020
Charlamagne tha God Tells Black Americans To Buy Guns For Protection From 'Vanilla [Islamic State]'

Radio host Charlamagne tha God appeared on MSNBC on Sunday and encouraged black Americans to purchase firearms to protect themselves from "vanilla [Islamic State]," Breitbart reported. The 41-year-old television personality's comment comes amid the controversy surrounding the killing of Ahmaud Arbery, who was shot to death in Georgia by Gregory and Travis McMichael back in February.

"My thoughts are rest in peace and condolences to his family," Charlamagne said.

"I wish that brother had a gun on him while he was jogging to defend himself against those thugs, those goons, those terrorists. I call them vanilla [Islamic State]. That's what I call them. They hunted him down like he was a deer."
Charlamagne encouraged his "brothers and sisters" to purchase legal firearms and learn to use them for self-defense. According to the author, owning a licensed gun as a black American is a "form of self-care."

"That's my thoughts on that," he said.

"I wish he had a gun on him while jogging. I would much rather see him in prison fighting for his freedom as opposed to being in a casket right now."
Arbery was gunned down by Travis McMichael while jogging in his neighborhood. According to Travis and his father⁠ — a former police officer at Glynn County Police Department ⁠— Arbery was suspected of being involved in a series of recent break-ins. In addition, Travis claims he killed Arbery in self-defense. However, CNN reported that no break-ins were reported in the weeks before Arbery's death.

The arrest of the McMichael's came after months of public outcry. While speaking to MSNBC, Charlamagne said he does not have faith in America's justice system and claimed that he has seen "plenty of white people" get away with killing unarmed black Americans in the country. The solution, he says, is owning a firearm and protecting one's self by using the rights provided to every U.S. citizen by the Second Amendment.

Recent footage revealed the minutes before Arbery's death and suggested that he may have entered a nearby construction site. While the footage does not show evidence of a crime, some suggest it supports the narrative that he was breaking and entering. Others believe Arbery was harmlessly looking at the construction site as he jogged through the neighborhood.

According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Travis and Gregory McMichael currently face murder and aggravated assault charges and are being held in the Glynn County Jail. The bureau has not yet confirmed when the pair will appear in court.