Donald Trump Reportedly ‘Shell-Shocked’ And Depressed By His Falling Popularity

Win McNameeGetty Images

President Donald Trump is reportedly surprised and saddened by his continuing decline in popularity amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The Washington Post reports that numerous anonymous staffers and allies weighed in on Trump’s state of mind as poll after poll reveals that the public is increasingly unhappy with his response to the global crisis.

“Some of Trump’s advisers described the president as glum and shell-shocked by his declining popularity. In private conversations, he has struggled to process how his fortunes suddenly changed from believing he was on a glide path to reelection to realizing that he is losing to the likely Democratic nominee, former vice president Joe Biden, in virtually every poll, including his own campaign’s internal surveys, advisers said,” the Washington Post writes.

Not only is he concerned about the current wave of infections plaguing the country, but he is worried that if the disease has a second wave, which many experts predict could happen, it could further hurt his chances at re-election.

“He also has been fretting about the possibility that a bad outbreak of the virus this fall could damage his standing in the November election,” the paper reported.

Trump has been facing criticism for his response to the crisis, with people arguing that he hasn’t worked hard enough to ensure that a nationwide testing system, which experts say is necessary before the country can start to return to normal, is in place before calling for states to reopen.

He has also recently suggested that the virus will fade away on its own without a vaccine, though he conceded that an effective inoculation would help things move along.

Early on, critics said the president repeatedly downplayed the severity of the situation and suggested that the virus might fade on its own. He also reassured the country that COVID-19 was contained, even as it began spreading across the U.S.

In recent polls, the president consistently comes in behind his presumed opponent, with many people citing his handling of the pandemic as the reason they favor Biden over Trump. The economy has taken a hit, with employment reaching historically high numbers amid the pandemic, another factor that has colored voters’ opinions, even as Trump has predicted that the economy will be booming by next year.

Trump has been pushing to get the country back to business and is planning to begin holding rallies again in June and may even hold a fundraiser as early as next month in order to boost his chances at winning the election in November.